April 13, 2005

When Government Ceases it's God Ordained Role

When is a government not a government? When it chooses to ignore the voice of its constituents not once but twice, spits in the voter’s faces, and surreptitiously puts into law what the voters of Maine have already removed, not once but twice. While some might pride themselves on their political prowess having accomplished this oligarchical show of force, I see it as the breakdown of a civil society.

Maine’s Gov. John Baldacci recently approved legislation to amend the state's Human Rights Act to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation – giving sexual orientation the same respect as such innate characteristics as race, color, sex, disability, ancestry and national origin.

Focus on the Family says, “The law assumes that sexual orientation is immutable and innate, yet thousands of men and women across the country have walked away from their unwanted same-sex attractions.”

This new law really does little if anything to stop discrimination against homosexuals because there really wasn’t anything there to stop. As a matter of fact, a statistical analysis of homosexual lifestyles reveals that they are not only better off, but FAR better off (three times so) than the average Maine family. That is hardly the profile of an oppressed class of people.

What the law insures is that now a man who thinks he is a woman, may go into a public restroom with your wife, or your daughter. This is perfectly legal, and we must not “discriminate” based on sexual orientation so vaguely defined in the law that whatever you think you are at the moment; that is what you are.

So while I was personally resigned to sitting this one out, I went to the capital, observed the climate and knew that I could not stay on the sidelines, and neither can you! We may lose this one this time around; but we cannot lose do due to apathy. We are standard bearers and culture preservers for our children and grandchildren who right now can do nothing about the way their future is shaping up.


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