April 13, 2005

Civil Disobedience--Right or Wrong?

Alas, another disturbing story emanating from the dark macabre shadows of our culture of death.
Tony Perkins of Focus on the Family writes, “In another tragic story of a minor forced to have an abortion against her or her parents' wishes, a 14-year-old Illinois girl was taken out of school by the mother of the girl's boyfriend and brought to Hope Abortion Clinic in Granite City, Illinois. The older woman told the clinic she was the grandmother — a statement strangely true, although she was the grandmother of the child she had the clinic kill.
What is especially troubling about this story is that the girl's mother discovered where her daughter was and rushed down to the clinic to save her daughter from the abortion. The clinic refused to give her access to her daughter and called the police, who arrested the frantic mother. The idea that a clinic and law enforcement officials would deny a parent's legal and moral right to be with her daughter in such a difficult and life-changing moment is outrageous.”
No it’s not outrageous; it is criminal. And what is disturbing is that as we get further and further away from a civil society governed by the masses rather than by a handful of judges or politicians, we are going to be faced with some hard choices. Choices that may very well challenge our faith foundations and our American foundations.
If the role of government biblically, according to Romans chapter 13, is to constrain evil, and it not only doesn’t constrain evil but facilitates or mandates it, is the Christian allowed or even obligated in a structure such as ours to defy that structure? I believe constitutionally that is clear—we do. But that doesn’t mean the government will permit such defiance and more important, is such defiance permitted, or even obligated biblically?
Today I’m only asking the questions. One day, sooner than later, we’ll have to come to grips with the answers.


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