March 14, 2008

What Happened To Every Person Gets a Vote?

I am sure you can remember back to the controversial election of 2000 when hanging chads became the focus with great animus and hostility on the part of democrats believing Al Gore should have been president. Do you remember one of the salient war cries of that time? "Every person deserves their vote to be counted!" There has never been a greater uproar over the possibility of someone's vote going untallied.

Do you remember the other war cry of the day once the courts determined George Bush the winner? It was, "The election has been stolen" or some form of that protest.

One thing about history is that it tends to reveal the glaring hypocrisies of those who might wish to ignore it.

Enter Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama and the party of short--and very selective-- memories. When Michigan and Florida decided to back out on their agreement concerning the party's rules regarding when and how their primaries would be conducted, the national party decided to punish the two states by nullifying their primary election. This made their delegates ineligible to count in the selection of their party's candidate for the highest office in the land.

How interesting this is since--putting it in other words--the democrats were outraged that some people's votes didn't count when they wanted to manipulate the system in order to make their candidate president. According to them at that time, the most heinous, egregious, and reprehensible offense committed against any human being is the crime of discounting anyone's vote. How un-American!

And yet, the same party--so offended that some improperly cast votes might not have counted--by their own doing, eliminated every single vote by every eligible voting citizen of Michigan and Florida!

And you know what else I heard just the other day? Because of Michigan and Florida's votes not counting, the candidate's lackeys were spewing the reminiscent language of thievery saying "the primary election is being stolen."

What short memories. What grotesque hypocrisy.


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