March 03, 2008

Alternative Worship Is Problematic

As the Emergent Church continues to emerge, the age old issue of what constitutes "valid worship" continues to be in the forefront of Christian current events.

Barna Associates just released a new survey result showing that "a majority of adults now believe that there are a variety of biblically legitimate ways to experience God outside of the conventional church."

"At least 50 percent of adults who took part in the survey said they felt that each of these six alternatives were 'a complete and biblically valid way for someone who does NOT participate in the services or activities of a conventional church to experience and express their faith in God…'"

1. Engaging in faith activities at home, with one's family (considered acceptable by 89%).

2. Being active in a house church (75%).

3. Watching a religious television program (69%).

4. Listening to a religious radio broadcast (68%).

5. Attending a special ministry event, such as a concert or community service activity (68%).

6. Participating in a marketplace ministry (54%).

Honestly I could write a book on this subject showing the biblical absurdity of at least 5 out of the six. It must be enough for now to say that this shows how biblically illiterate "Christians" are, and that the damnable independence exemplified by Nadab and Abihu in Leviticus 10:1 who lost their lives coming to God any old way they felt appropriate, is still the spirit of the age.

It is certainly true that "The Church" does not consist in the physical edifices in which worship takes place but there is clear structure to the "Ekklesia" or the "Ones who are called out," ie., "The Church."

Five out of the six expressions of "worship," which are deemed appropriate by at least half of Christians, do not contain the elements of--among other things--God ordained leadership; authority; accountability structures and the general idea of the "body gathered" who together bring all the gifts to the table so that the church is complete.

The two rebels of Leviticus 10 discovered with their lives that God is not to be trifled with and He birthed the Church for the care, nurture, and safeguarding of those who comprise it. Five of the six mentioned, divorced from the "local church," are nothing more than sinful self-indulgences for which a great price can be expected.


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