March 14, 2008

Planned Parenthood Gets Another Pass

Planned Parenthood is a business that exists and flourishes by murdering the tiniest, most helpless of people. So why would it surprise anyone then, that it just might not be the most sensitive and honorable corporation in all other aspects of its operation?

The charges by pro-lifers over the years have been that PP is just in it for the money. When you consider their cash flow and the numbers of devastated lives--both those killed and those permanently scarred with memories of those killed, it is hard to argue that it's not all about money. But one person wanted to have something more tangible than the obvious.

UCLA student, Lila Rose decided to do an undercover piece on PP looking at attitudes concerning racial bias within the operation of the stellar organization.

She hired an actor to contact PP in seven states asking them if they would be willing to accept a donation that was specifically earmarked for the "abortion of black babies."

In the course of contact with PP representatives, not a single PP employee "objected or questioned the request even when the actor insisted that the purpose was 'to lower the number of black people' in America."

Jared Bridges--web editor for the Family Research Council remarks that PP is "Never a group to turn away a buck, Planned Parenthood will take money from wherever and whomever it can get it, be it the government, Hollywood movie stars, and corporations. That welcoming spirit apparently even extends to those who seek racial genocide."

Planned Parenthood has been a scourge on our nation since its inception. It siphons off millions of dollars in tax sponsored aid to accomplish its mission of killing babies and has been caught red handed, too many times to count, in scandals ranging from altered, incomplete or destroyed medical records, failing to report legally required information, failing to report sexual abuse or rape, and truly just about whatever else one can imagine from those who kill babies for a living. Where money is king, all else bows and the leaders of this nation have been kissing the feet of this devil for decades and it does so with impunity.


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