February 12, 2008

The Unbeatable... Were Beaten

How could it be? How did it happen? They were 18 and ZERO; undefeated; the undisputed heavy weight champions of the grid iron setting their spikes into the sod where no other teams had trod. So how did a skin-of-their-teeth wild-card team do what couldn't be done?

I'm sure you have your own speculations but from my humble seat of the Monday morning quarterback, Bill Belichek was out coached. The unbeatable quarterback didn't have time to think, time to move, or time to throw and when it was all over--well no need repeating what we all know.

Coaching is under appreciated in any professional sport. But think about it, they don't make multi-millions per year for doing what anyone can do. Great coaches are worth their weight in gold--literally-- because a great coach can take merely "good" players and make a "great" team.

On the other hand, a merely average coach even with great players is only likely to make a "good" team at best.

So what does a coach do? The late great, Tom Landry said a coach is someone who makes a person do what they don't want to do in order to become what they want to become.

When I think of the all-important arena of family, moms and dads are the coaches--or at least are supposed to be--but more and more, these coaches are abdicating their God given assignments and allowing surrogates--to do the job. The result has not been good and it is getting worse.

The Superbowl is a flash in the pan entertainment event that has little impact on the shape of the world yet the coaches of the NFL invest their time and energy studying, viewing, listening, strategizing, planning and rehearsing its players so they will all know what to do no matter what--or who--comes at them. And all for a piece of metal that we know is going to melt into nothingness. So--are you coaching your children, preparing them for whatever or whoever may come at them? The stakes are a lot higher than some entry in a record book believe me.


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