February 13, 2008

Parent's Rights--and Sound Medical Practice--Both Trampled in Maine

After my last little tirade concerning the poor leadership of Maine's legislators, I have to mention this latest affront to parental rights and respect for law as it is hot off the press.

This past summer the King Middle School gained national attention--the only time Maine grabs national attention is when it is something bad is this limelight was no different. The King Middle School board decided to slap parents in the face by approving a resolution to disseminate birth control--including prescription contraception, to children as young as 11 years old without parental consent or knowledge.

Irate parents raised their voices over concerns about THEIR children and for the second time, the Maine House of Representatives (now there's a misnomer for you) spit on parent's rights once again.

75 House members, violated every sense of decency and voted against the right of parents to know that their little children are receiving prescription drugs. How that can possibly be legal is beyond me. Not only are prescription drugs highly regulated requiring a physician to see and dispense the recipient (felony number 1) and it is statutory rape for a child of 11 to be engaging in any kind of sex. But now the public school becomes the facilitator and willing accomplice of this crime and parents ought to file suit.

Birth control pills are NOT safe! What will happen when Suzie comes home with a headache only to find that she has a blood clot--one of the many side effects of hormonal birth control pills, and the school issued them to her? Will the school be liable? You better believe it! There is currently a class action lawsuit already playing out filed by hundreds of women who have suffered clotting/stroke episodes due to birth control pills.

And what of the increased risk of breast cancer--the top killer of women over the age of 40--and what about the STD's that surely WILL follow the sexual activity of these naïve, little children? Will the public schools be liable? You better believe it and honestly I cannot wait until the first lawsuit gets slapped against these arrogant individuals who so brazenly usurp a parent's right to govern their child's welfare.

What carnage lies ahead and all thanks to the people who keep being elected to make such decisions for you. We have choices and choices have consequences!


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