February 12, 2008

Sen. Specter (R.-Pa.) Out of Bounds?

Is anyone else disturbed at the intrusion of the Federal Government into the workings of private business? It doesn't seem so. We in New England are keenly aware of the cheating scandal with New England Patriot's coach Bill Belichek.

The NFL investigated, pronounced judgment and issued punishment. At the start of the season, the Pats were caught using some kind of video taping equipment to obtain the play signals of the New York Jets in the season game opener at giant's Stadium. The Patriots and Belichek were fined ¾ of a million dollars and had their first round draft pick (the real punishment) yanked. Case closed--or at least it should be.

As far as everyone knew it was a done deal. Until Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) decided some way or another that it was the role of government to stick their nose into the machinations of private business. If there is law on the books that permits that, then fine; but I am struggling to understand what that law might be other than a senator with a loss of his boundaries and role as a United States senator.

The NFL--a private business--took care of an internal matter--period. So what right does the federal government have demanding further investigation and trying to obtain tapes that been destroyed? Would you hiccup if Uncle Sam decided it wanted to see your records for disciplining an employee who violated one of your policies? Remember we're not talking about a lawsuit here; we're talking about unilateral initiative on the part of a government official.

Everyone gets all worked up when the President wants to have the right to wire tap foreign terrorists. They cry invasion of privacy into the lives of private citizens when it has a legitimate interest in national security yet there's not a peep when the government really does over step itself in this matter of a private corporation.

So what gives? Sen. Specter is also heading up an antitrust suit against the NFL but at least that is a legal proceeding. Still is it a coincidence or has someone in the NFL ticked off the Senator and he is using his office to seek vengeance? It's just a question but when we cease to question our "elected" leaders we are only a beret away from a government that resembles something more of a banana republic than American democracy. Someone needs to ask some questions or your employer--or YOU--could be next.


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