February 13, 2008

Maine's Law Makers Are Destroying Us

Note--This is a RANT!!!

As I write this I am seething with anger. My anger is on so many levels I can't even identify them all. While it may seem like a sweeping generalization, all one need do is consider every major area of importance to successful survival in this state, and it is clear that the Maine legislature, from the top down, operates in a realm of reality that is inexplicable.

If I wanted to keep the people of a state oppressed and depressed, I don't think I could make as consistently poor decisions to accomplish this if I tried my hardest. From the way this state spends money it doesn't have, to the abundance of restrictions that are contrary to successful survival in a state that is out of the way, it seems like the "leaders" of Maine have a goal of making it a full blown welfare state existing on the sole good graces of a Federal bureaucracy that enjoys throwing money at all things impoverished.

When you think of Maine, what industries do you think of?

Tourism? The money invested in tourism by our "leaders" is paltry and it seems no law aimed at discouraging people from vacationing in Maine is ever shot down.

Lobstering? This used to be a major cash cow but of course Augusta has placed so many restrictions on lobstering that lobsterman have left the industry out of necessity. When you have a nation just to the north and a state just to the south with vastly different, and accommodating laws, it doesn't take much of an IQ to know that the industry will collapse. It is well underway!

Fishing? Did you know there are only two--count them TWO--fishing boats remaining working out of Portland? Because why? Because of the prohibitive laws placed by Maine's law makers. They have left the state moving to Massachusetts where they can still earn a living.

Timber? Same story--laws, laws and more laws.

Small business? It's too costly to do business in this state, because why? Because of taxes, worker's compensation; health insurance and more restrictions than anyone can afford.

So if a bona fide welfare state--a ward of the federal government--is the Way Life Should Be--then everyone in Augusta deserves a hearty WELL DONE. And they will be reelected again and again.

My hope is not in government; never has been, but that gives me no justification in bailing out of the processes by which people make decisions to ruin the respectable life that could be found here. Apparently, not many think like I do. And we are all paying the price.


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