October 09, 2007

World Communion Sunday--More Misleading Mischief

In case you missed it by design or default, yesterday was World Communion Sunday. There is an axiom I tend to go by which says, if you are not sure whether something is a good thing or a bad thing, and you don't have time to research it, just look at who is for it and who is against it.

I saw "World Communion Sunday" advertised on the sign of a Waterville Church which prides itself on its all inclusive nature which is a misleading statement for all churches should be inclusive. But there is a world of difference between a church such as my Church which indeed welcomes everyone but then speaks the truth concerning God's wisdom for life, and a church which welcomes everyone and endorses, condones and blesses all manner of contemptuous wickedness in the name of love.

I was curious what this Sunday was all about. I found this on line.

"The day was a call for all Christians - of whatever background - and of whatever theological tradition - to recollect that we are in fact one in Christ - and that the table we receive from and communion at is God's table - not our own."

So far so good; that is certainly a true statement for the universal church is made up of all the local churches; that is, all the local churches which bow their knee to Jesus as its Head not Jesus as its mascot! Big difference.

Then I found it was originated by the National Council of Churches. That was pretty much all I needed to know to know that whatever this Sunday is, you can be sure that it is more woo-woo, pap touting the fatherhood of God; brotherhood of man. The National Council of Churches has been a strong defender over the years of abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, sex as recreation, Marxist socialism, to name only a few of its quirks.

So while we celebrated the life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ yesterday, it was inclusive of others who believe in the Jesus of Scriptures, not the Jesus of one's imagination. And on "That Day" the church will be united but as Jesus said, "Not everyone that cries Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven…"


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