April 26, 2007

Partial Birth Abortion Ban Isn't Much To Celebrate

So the Supreme Court has upheld the Federal Ban on the heinous macabre, method of murdering babies called, partial birth abortion. Gee, can't we be proud!

The 5-4 decision came as Justice Anthony Kennedy--a judge with a moderate to liberal record appointed by Pres. Ronald Reagan--wrote the majority opinion. Before we get the party poppers out let me put this in perspective.

Paul Simon wrote there are "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover" and when it comes to abortion there are still fifty ways to murder the life when your lover leaves. I suppose you could say that this is an important ruling and that it "might" pave the way for other rulings respecting life but I am not counting it.

So pardon me if I don't celebrate because I am still part of the once great country that used to respect if not revere the law of God, and as--not if--the judgment of God continues to fall on this nation, I too will suffer the consequences. Why should we be celebrating? Think about what we're saying to God.

"Hey God--we did you a big favor today! Now we will only permit--indeed, nationally endorse and pay for--the brutal murder of children in the womb by chemically burning their skin off, or shriveling them up, or starving them to death, or slicing and dicing them to bits while they're a bit smaller. Aren't you thrilled with us?"

Are we really expecting God to be jumping up and down with pleasure? I think not!

No actually, that we, as a nation--and remember this nation is made up of individuals who put people into office--even had to have a debate over such an inhuman procedure says more about who we are than anything else. As I look at the long history of God dealing with the nations, I see only a promise of punishment toward a people who are so positively wretched.

So where's the heavenly hope? It comes after the punishment--if you have been found faithful. So how's your voting record? See it does matter because as I said, you and me are the ones who make the nation what it is. And we will continue to be held accountable.


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