April 14, 2007

7th Grandchild Arrives

As I write this, I am waiting by the phone in my office to hear word of my newest grandchild's fate. My daughter who was expecting at any moment fell yesterday--on her stomach--and she was calling me from the hospital. They were checking her baby out and she said they would probably keep her in and induce tomorrow.

15 minutes later that all changed and they were taking her in to do a C-section. Apparently a clot was spotted between the baby and the placenta. My wife has already packed and is in route to Massachusetts where my daughter and family reside.

So, I am a little anxious--pastors are human--and yet I have been praying for my little granddaughter and her parents since her inception 9 months ago. I believe by faith, God is answering that prayer--according to His perfect, all knowingness, not according to my miniscule perspective.

So I jumped into my car to make the very short ride to my office and a song starts playing that I had in the CD player. "I have found myself a hiding place" are the first words to fill the air. The song continues-- "In the shelter of Almighty's love; in the safety of the Savior's arms."

My granddaughter yet to be born was fashioned by the Creator and in [His] book, the psalmist wrote, they were all written, the days that were ordained for [her], when as yet there was not one of them…" How precious are God's thoughts toward my little ones who are His little ones. Yes the same God who spoke the stars into the night sky spoke the twinkle into the eyes of each of my grandchildren.

It's the next day now and my 7th grand child was born and both child and mom have some recovering to do but all should be well. And God is Good.

Not because of the outcome but because that is who He is.

Am I still concerned? I wouldn't be human if I weren't but I am not worried for as I said--I have been praying all along and I know God answers prayers according to His perfect pleasure. How can you ask for anything greater or more comforting.


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