April 11, 2007

Pedophile Gets a Pass

I have to let you know how messed up our collective system of law is because we no longer have any objective foundation of virtue.

Jack McClellan is an admitted pedophile living in Washington State. He maintains a website that exists for the sole purpose informing other pedophiles where and how to find their targets. If your kid's are listening at this point don't blame me or the station.

So far the story is not unusual but where it gets ridiculous is to know that law enforcement knows all about the web site and about jack McClellan but since he hasn't ever been convicted of a crime, his website--even though it exists as a how to for other sexual offenders, insist they cannot do anything about it. It's perfectly legal.

According to Fox News, "McClellan would travel around to different community events and take pictures of children and post them on his site. The purpose of the web site is to promote consensual hugging and cuddling between men and girls who are aged 3 to 11 and bring pedophiles out of the closet, McClellan told Fox News."

McClellan said, "I guess the main thing is I just think they're cute, a lot cuter than women," he said. "I admit there is kind of an erotic arousal there. It makes me happy simply...I'm doing what anyone else would do with a hobby."

I am an ardent supporter of freedom of speech even offensive speech but even the US Supreme Court limits that freedom when it may incite or cause harm to another person. How in God's blessed name, can this not qualify for such speech?

It's simple really--the same satanically inspired people who think nothing of trampling on one's freedom to speak if it's about God almighty, in the same breath will defend this reprobate's freedom to incite other perverts to doing life long harm to precious little girls.

Please, someone slap me and tell me I am in a nightmare and this is not really happening in this world. But I am all too conscious and all I can say honestly is God help me to be and do what you want me to be in this filthy land of godlessness.


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