April 26, 2007

Teen Pregnancy; Gee, what to do, what to do?

Ready for a surprise? Somerset County--that's the Skowhegan area--has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the state. At 74 pregnancies per 1000 for women ages 15-19; epidemiologically speaking, that's an epidemic.

One student said of her pregnancy, "I really wasn't thinking. I thought I was in love. It just happened and then -- oh wow!"

"It just happened?" Actually, I think Mary, the wife of Joseph, is the only woman in history who can legitimately make that claim. The story went on to say that "state and local family planning agencies are trying to figure out why, and how to address the problem, but have yet to chart a course."

This isn't a mystery; neither the "why" of the problem nor the "how" of the problem is very difficult.

The "why," is that kids have no moral compass by which to form any personal convictions NOT to have sex and so the predominant solution in our morals-be-cursed culture has been educate, and facilitate with the result that it prepares the student to accommodate.

Amanda Hilton, of the Kennebec Valley Community Action Program Health Services, said her agency works to reduce teen pregnancy by "increasing access to reproductive health care."

With respect to Skowhegan in particular, Hilton identifies the REAL problem. "The school department has not always been open to having family planning come in and do programming and provide information. We have heard concerns that school board members are conservative--that nobody wants to upset them." If only everyone was as wise as the godless whose solution is always the same: Give out more condoms, provide free abortions."

Lynette Johnson, of Family Planning Association of Maine, said "education and information are key to prevention." Isn't that pretty much what Satan said to Eve about the forbidden fruit?

Let's get serious here. Until and unless God is brought into the big picture, you may reduce the number of pregnancies but you won't reduce the incidence of what actually causes it. Two decades of comprehensive "how-to" sex education purely from a platform of pragmatism, has been a dismal failure and as the Word of God says, "You will reap what you sow." And, the harvest is costly and plentiful.


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