April 05, 2007

Who's Polarizing The Country

I never cease to be amazed at the wanton hypocrisy of those who describe themselves as liberals--priding themselves on their magnanimity, compassion, tolerance, and all around accepting demeanor of all.

As a columnist for the Central Maine Newspapers for years, I often reaped the scorn and condemnation of those on the left because I was unapologetically in the right. Evaluation of my truthfulness or lack thereof never entered the picture. To them, I was simply wrong and hateful because my view didn't affirm theirs.

The sheer hatred of people with differing views is the most hateful it has ever been.

Want an example? When Pres. Press Secretary Tony Snow announced that his cancer was back, here are just two letters of many of similar or worse tones that were posted on the Washington Post's on line site.

"Tony Snow…I hope you die from this cancer, no I hope you suffer terribly and then die like a dog from this cancer. Don't keep Satan waiting."

"I feel nothing for this man and its sad. Bush has polarized this country to the point where I just hate Republicans and I wish I didn't, but its to late." (Note grammar and punctuation are left as it actually was.)

From the first "news" of a "war for oil," which any partially sane individual must now admit is ludicrous, to the currently contrived scandal over the firing of federal judges, the liberal media, in their hatred of this Commander-In-Chief, routinely creates news where none exists.

If I may be candid, the populace at large is not all that astute when it comes to assessing truth from falsehood due to an intellectual lethargy which compels people on both the left and right to accept as gospel, any sound-bite that goes out over the airwaves. If it is said on the radio, or TV, in the print media or a commentary like this, few are willing to do any kind of leg work choosing instead to accept as true whatever fits their personal views.

The net result is precisely what we have today; a very angry and very populace whose anger is not born out of reality, but what they choose to believe reality is. And that makes for a very tumultuous and divided society.

It isn't Bush who has polarized this country but the multitude of pseudo-news agencies who make news rather than reporting it. And it is serving no one, least of all this once great country.


Blogger Reddogg said...

I completely agree. I was having a discussion with a friend of mine about raising kids. She continued to state that due to her being open-minded, she was going to teach her child many different religions and let her child pick which one was right for themself. Then this "open-minded" person then ridiculed me for me wanting to raise my kids with my religious beliefs. She stated that I was wrong in my beliefs. Now how open-minded was she if only 'her' beliefs are right?

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