April 14, 2007

Day of Silence Should Be Silenced

Today is the National Day of Silence--another example of public education putting its energy into shaping moral view points rather than academic proficiency.

The purpose of this day is confusing. The Day of Silence website states the following:

"The Day of Silence is an annual event held to bring attention to anti-LGBT bullying, harassment and discrimination in schools. Students and teachers nationwide will observe the day in silence to echo the silence that LGBT and ally students face everyday."

Sorry, but I don't quite get the whole "silence" bit. At any rate, the point of my piece today is that students will be supporting the event by refusing to speak during the school day, while conveying written messages in the form of T-shirts, buttons, and stickers, all of which promote homosexual behavior." and therein lies the problem!

You see Heidi Zamecnik of Neuqua High School in suburban Chicago wore a T-shirt the day after a previous "Day of Silence" waste of time, and was told she cannot wear her T-shirt which says, "Be Happy, Not Gay."

According to the World Net Daily, "The Dean of Students, Bryan Wells, told Zamecnik the shirt offended others and she had to remove it or go home."

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Wells and Linda Zamecnik agreed the shirt's message could be altered to read "Be Happy. Be Straight." But the agreement was breached when a school counselor crossed out "not gay" in black marker, but did not replace it with the agreed phrase.

Last year a dozen students were suspended for two days for sporting T-shirts that said, "Homosexuality is sin. Jesus can set you free."

Principal Michael Popp told Zamecnik's mother that "school rules bar students from wearing messages that "upset" other students." Unless of course you happen to be offended by homosexuality and then your feelings are just too darn bad.

Well, this one's in court and I will wager that the Zamecnik's will win because these types of cases have been settled over an over to the point of absurdity. But they must each be fought lest we be completely overtaken and truly silenced by the forces of the purveyors of perversion. Yes that is what homosexuality is regardless the cultural slime that says otherwise. There is an Authority Who is always right, and it isn't society.


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