March 27, 2007

Super Bowl Coach In The Hot Seat

Super Bowl winning coach Tony Dungy is in the hot seat and you can probably guess why. This soft spoken NFL coach is a Bible believing Christian. Now that's fine with most people just as long as you don't allow your beliefs to actually inform your conscience and you don't actually talk about your views in public.

Dungy came out in support of traditional marriage while receiving the Indiana Family Institute's "Friend of the Family" award. Dungy's horrible comment was this: "I’m with God and I believe IFI has taken the biblical, godly position on marriage and so I’m pleased to stand with it.”

A spokesman for a pro-gay group, has taken another tact instead of just criticizing Dungy's remark. He insists that Dungy has "created a “hostile” work environment in the Colts organization." “I’m afraid that he would not allow a gay player on his team because he did not follow the Lord’s way.”

This is the logic--the intentionally hateful logic--of those committed to a perverse lifestyle. The logic says that anyone who believes that the Bible happens to teach that homosexuality is immoral, must necessarily be mean and hateful to anyone who commits such immorality.

IFI President Curt Smith dismissed that thinking. “It’s crazy,” he said, “to think that when someone takes a biblical position on a public-policy question, that it creates any kind of a hostile workforce at all.”

If such logic is correct and these people are truly worried that the Colts organization would prohibit anyone from playing who didn't follow the Lord's way--logically speaking--must also maintain that the Colts would likewise prohibit everyone else who is a fornicator, or an adulterer, an alcoholic, a drug user, a user of pornography, a gossip, a trouble maker, or any other sinner. In short, the Colts wouldn't have anyone playing on the team if what the pro-homosexual group contends is true.

But the devil is a liar and the father of lies which explains everything. Are you catching on?


Blogger Matt Sargent said...

Then there's the whole discrimination tactic... we're being brainwashed into thinking that it's wrong/evil to discriminate. To have 'discriminating taste' was once (and maybe still is) a compliment. Everyone 'discriminates' every day - I don't like cottage cheese, so I don't eat it, i.e. I discriminate against it. We don't want criminals roaming the streets so we lock them up - we discriminate against them. We choose health care providers, educators and many other services for ourselves and our children and in the process 'discriminate' against every other available option. Isn't it ironic that the segment of society that prides itself on being 'pro-choice' is in reality so anti-diversity?

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