December 04, 2005

Abraham Foxman Needs Lessons in "Friendship"

A recent Wall Street Journal article David Brog is critical of an address Abraham Foxman gave before the Anti-Defamation League which is the primary watchdog of anti-Jewish sentiment.

Foxman apparently sounded the alarm before the Jewish community that the greatest threat to American Jews was not Islamic hatred of the Jews, the PLO, the suicide bombers blowing up buses and schools in Israel nor the stated goal of every good Moslem to exterminate every Jew from off the earth. The wicked enemy Foxman described was the Christian Right Leadership that is out to Christianize all of America.

Mr. Brog is dumbfounded by Foxman’s statement likening it King David’s lamentation over the death of his son Absalom who was killed in a coup attempt to kill David. Instead of David rejoicing at the victory won by his faithful friends, David becomes angry at those who were true to him while lamenting the rebel.

Finally Joab rebukes the King and tells him to dry his eyes and stop loving those who hate you and hating those who love you.

Brog’s point? That is precisely what Foxman and his ilk ought to do for they have no more loyal a friend than bible believing Christians who share so many of their cultural, family and religious values.

I don’t know how many Jewish people would actually believe Foxman’s alarm of warning but the fact that even one of such reputation would bite the hand that feeds him is telling. Is it me or does it seem that all hell is beginning to break lose? From tornadoes in November, and killer hurricanes, to floods, and fires, something is going crazy.

So Christian, are you ready for what’s in store? Is that reflected in your lifestyle now or do you suppose that a sudden, wild change will come upon you if the Lord should return tomorrow? Well, do you?


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