October 15, 2005

Condom Confusion at U. Maine

Many years ago in my bi-weekly column for the Central Maine Newspapers, I reported frequently on the latest and most reliable information regarding the ineffectiveness of condoms in both preventing disease and their dismal failure rate.

Of course, I changed nothing. But now listen to some excerpts taken form the University of Maine web site.

“Some students have raised concerns about defective condoms that have were passed out by Cutler Health Center.

The results from unofficial tests conducted by several student groups had students worried last week. The tests did not go well, and a large percentage of the brands condoms were deemed ineffective.”

Duh! I showed that roughly 17% of condoms are defective. I remember the nurse and principal at Waterville High School being blinded by my credentials as a minister which obviously negated the data I gave them which was from the prestigious Center For Disease Control in Atlanta.

So the students ran tests themselves and low and behold they are shocked, shocked I tell you that they are being given defective condoms and its being funded by your and my tax dollars.

Even though a resolution was passed, Cutler continues to give out Premium brand condoms.

One Resident Assistant said, "We've had a lot of people reporting that they're breaking. We're still distributing them because Cutler says their FDA protected."

So about 12 years later, and now with the users of the condoms complaining themselves, the response is pretty much the same as I received. “Don’t confuse me the facts.”

What’s the next step: A lawsuit against the university for a student either having contracted an STD or an unwanted pregnancy. Either way, it will be your tax dollars—again—paying for it all.

Of course that’s not the biggest issue. The biggest issue is the number of wounded souls and infected lives at such misuse of the wonderful gift of sex God blessed in the union of matrimony. That may be passé now a days, but the fallout never grows old.


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