September 23, 2005

Where oh Where Have you Been Pastor Bill?

Where oh where have you been Pastor Bill? Maybe some of you didn’t even know I was gone! Quick say something nice about me, I’m feeling very insecure. Not really; if you’re a pastor and have self-esteem issues, you won’t be a pastor for very long; at least not in the same church. People are too fickle to place your significance on their opinion of you. But that doesn’t answer the question of where I’ve been.

In truth, I guess my soul was empty; my spirit drained, my flesh too pooped to peep.

These two minutes we spend together may not seem like much but they require an unceasing pursuit of what’s happening in the community, the state and the world. That gets to be wearing let me tell you. No one’s shoulders are broad enough to carry the weight of the world’s woes except God Himself. But with all our new technologies, we can know what’s happening in a country whose name we can’t even pronounce moments after an event has occurred. And let me tell you, having a constant flow of human sin and tragedy deluge you every single day will bury anyone. I’ve said it before, but even Jesus—Immanuel—God With Us--abandoned the needy crowds to take care of His soul.

So I figure if God needs a break from it all, there’s a good chance I do to. So after my vacation break, when I came back to the office, I just couldn’t dive into the pain and turmoil of the world once again. So there you have it. And ya know one of the best things I did, was to cut down my watching or listening to the news or reading of news weeklies for these past couple months.

But here I am for good or for bad, keeping you abreast of the hottest news and issues that impact your lives and all from a world view informed by the inspired, infallible, inerrant, authoritative Word of God.


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