August 31, 2005

More of the Same In Israel--Pull out is Mistake!

I trust you have been following the developments in the Middle East with respect to the pull out of the Jews from the Gaza Strip. I suppose many people are excited believing that finally, the long awaited peace in Israel will now become a reality.

If only that were true, I would at least understand if not support the pull out but unless the leopard has changed its spots, the best that can be hoped for is some kind of very temporal arrangement of the absence of violence.

This pull out by what are called Jewish settlers, I am confident comes only after much coercion from our state department.

I have spoken often about the real story behind the conflict between Jews and Arabs; the Bible tells us a great deal about their history. With all the media distortion and/or ignorance of history, this was inevitable but it is wrong.

If someone was attempting to break into your house one evening with the express plan to not only rob you of everything precious but to leave you dead and then in some quirk of fate, you overpowered them, defeated them, and expelled them from your community; you’d call that a great victory and great justice. Though the rules for community are certainly different than war, the point is till intact.

The Israeli’s won a battle they were never supposed to win and in the process won some land that the Arabs voluntarily abandoned so as to allow the extermination of Israel. But, as I said, Israel won in what was truly a miraculous battle and with it, won the spoils of war. What happened in the middle east is no different than what has happened hundreds of time through history and no has ever been ordered to hand over the spoils of war—especially a war they didn’t even start, as Israel has been ordered to do.

Well, it is done, and already we see the Jew hating Palestinians back tracking on what they supposedly would do in exchange for the Gaza strip. And my prediction is that it will not be long before we hear of another *homicide bombing in Israel.

Still, God is on the throne, and His plan will come to the fore in His timing. Of that, you can be sure.

*Before this was even posted, but after it was written, a homocide bomber with Islamic Jihad had blown himself and of course innocent Jews, away. I HATE being right...


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AMEN Brutha!!!! :)

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