September 23, 2005

American Generosity

That Americans are generous is a fact that is hard to avoid. The outpouring of time and money to the victims of the tsunami last December was immense and most of those recipients are Muslims. That America would ever be accused of anything other than tolerant, generous and giving is to ignore decades of history and a well documented track record.
As the clean up for Katrina continues, nothing has changed. Already over a billion dollars has been given and the money continues to pour in at a rate faster than even for
9-11. Roughly 7 out of 10 Americans contribute to charities.
Nothing is different at the church I pastor. We collected over $3,000 for Katrina and that doesn’t even reflect the numerous families who contacted us about opening their homes to displaced families or the men who are planning to give up their vacation time to go to New Orleans to lend a hand.
But all over the country, churches and Christians are giving in many different ways. And why? Because we understand just how blessed we are; we understand that the rain falls on the just and the unjust alike, and we know that, but for the grace of God, anyone of us could be in that position.
Now what I want to know is this; I heard Bette Midler using a Katrina fund raiser to obscenely bash the President as I have so many others of a liberal, political persuasion and a godless morality.
So how much money, how many hours and how many lawyers from the ACLU, People for the American Way, Moveon.Org, Planned Parenthood and Family Planning to mention only a sliver of the anti-Christian, god-hating groups and people out there have helped in this time? These are the big mouths who never tire of telling everyone how hateful and intolerant Christians are. And instead of showing up at a concert so everyone else can go into their pockets for such things, why don’t these wealthiest of the wealthy shut their mouths and open their wallets?
When the nasty stuff hits the fan, it’s the church of Jesus Christ people look to; not the ideologues of self-centeredness and arrogance. Ah, yet another shining moment for the people of faith whether the world acknowledges it or not—they are afterall, but dust…


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