October 15, 2005

Discrimination Against Homosexuals Unfounded

Are you ready for Nov. 8th? Please put it on your calendar and be sure to get out and vote on the referendum concerning the Governor’s so-called anti-discrimination law.

I hope you are not being horn-swaggled by the rhetoric and lofty language about equal rights, fairness, discrimination.

Here’s one small example excerpted from a recent LTTE.

“I am puzzled because most of us take these rights for granted. Why wouldn't we wish the same for all of us who live here in Maine? There are similar laws on the books in all other New England states. Surely we would wish uniform human rights for everyone everywhere.”

First of all “these rights” alluded to are the right to equal treatment in finding housing, obtaining loans, and employment. Like I said, everyone in Maine already has these rights.

Second—“There are similar laws on the books in all the other New England states,” sounds like, “But all my friends are doing it…” Not compelling.

Third the writer says, “Surely we would wish uniform human rights for everyone everywhere.”

Really? Everyone, everywhere? Even this writer doesn’t believe that. No one balks when an alcoholic has his license to drive revoked, or a convicted felon has to wear an ankle bracelet or that a clerk won’t sell a 13 year old a six pack. So the statement--while it sounds high and mighty--is absurd.

All the data, and all the research conducted by the most liberally biased groups have all conceded that there is no evidence of what is being contended. So when you hear the commercials about homosexuals being discriminated against in this state, know that it is flat-out fiction.

This bill is not about equal rights as stated. This is merely a door opener to broader affirmations of what have been traditionally and biblically, unhealthy, abnormal, and dangerous conduct. We need to vote YES on Nov. 8th.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You SON OF A BITCH!!! First off, a 13 year old getting cigarettes can end up killing him or her with cancer. That's why it's illegal. And the convicts, well they did something wrong probably a BIG something. These people are being discriminated based on their preferences. So what you want to happen is for someone to give you shit because you prefer chicken over steak, or something to that effect. Get over over your heterosexuality because these people have done nothing to you. Oh yeah, and GO TO HELL!!!!

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