November 11, 2005

Most Christians Clueless About Culture

Well, it’s over! At lest for now. I’m referring of course to the successful campaign of Governor Baldacci to ram-rod a piece of vaguely worded, needless legislation down the throats of Maine’s sensible citizens. This bill was never about discrimination but about normalizing a lifestyle that demeans everything most holy and sacred.

This isn’t sour grapes mind you, yet even if it was, some things are so important that the notion of losing with honor and dignity mocks the seriousness of this new law. After all, this election wasn’t simply about allocating more money for building a new bridge or upgrading a high school. It was about turning centuries of sexual, social, cultural normalcy on their ear.

It is about calling good, bad and bad, good and in the words of Jeremiah the prophet, “Woe be unto the people who do so—thus sayeth the Lord.”

But I have a challenge for the people who wear the name of Christ. Even though this is about 30 years too late, we need to pull our heads out of the clouds and take some initiative to understand—first the Bible; second God’s plan for our lives, and third the cultural issues of the day. And I’m sorry but that takes work on all counts.

I am confident we lost this vote because all many Bible believing Christians knew, and cared to know about was summed up on the “Please Vote No” campaign sign. I was dumbfounded how many Christians thought the law was; first--needed and second--a good thing because discrimination is “bad.”

So let me put it straight without any sugar coating. We are at this place in our society in part because the church bailed out of its culture, keeping it’s collective noses buried in our Bibles gaining ever more knowledge, but rarely making the connection to where and how that knowledge applies to everyday life. In short—we bear much of the responsibility for the low estate of our state’s values.

If there is any hope for our immediate futures, a massive transformation of mindset of people of true faith is going to have to change. Of that I am not hopeful.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many people want to treat the Bible as though it were a restaurant menu where they can pick and choose what they like and disregard the rest. It also seems that many churches today are little more than a Sunday social club where they can go and edify themselves. I'm not judging anybody's eternal destination, but it doesn't seem to me, that if you understand what God has to say about homosexuality, that you could vote "no" on question 1. This law has made a problem out of something that wasn't and has also paved the way for gay marriage, regardless of what the other side says. This law is also about much more than just homosexuality. In fact, it's wording is so vague that numerous forms of perversion are protected under it. It's sad. I feel that my state, that I love and have always been proud to admit that I'm from, is being stolen from me. It's just a sign that the Lord is that much closer to returning.

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