February 25, 2005

Free Speech For Churchill but Not For Summers

What I cannot stand about liberals is their absolutely unmitigated penchant toward hypocrisy and double standards. Yet another case in point is the difference in public protest comparing the speech issues of University of Colorado Professor Ward Churchill and Harvard President Lawrence Summers.

In brief Churchill is known for his irrational viewpoints some of which came to light when he wrote an essay declaring that the people who died in the world trade center attacks were not innocent victims but were “little Eichmans” who got what they deserved; not by terrorists but by “combat teams” responding in kind.
Churchill’s essay is not merely offensive but is historically false. This is why this professor should be fired. Not for making offensive remarks, but for making remarks which are neither factual nor historical.
As expected, liberals are coming out of the walls waving the banner of free speech.
Contrast Churchill’s plight to Harvard President, Lawrence Summers who is also under fire for remarks he made in a speech. He had the temerity to identify the factual trend of under-represented groups noting that there aren’t many Jewish people in farming; there aren’t many Catholics in banking, and there aren’t many white men in the NBA. But then he posed a question—a simple, gee what do you think question—asking if possibly innate gender differences could explain why fewer women gain high-level careers in math and science. He’d have been better off detonating a dirty bomb in Manhattan.
A Harvard student, representing some raging feminist group sitting on Hannity and Colmes would not answer the simplest question, but just raged about the comments made by Summers. When Sean Hannity mentioned Ward Churchill in the same breath as President Summers he asked, “Isn’t this a free speech issue?” Her answer had nothing to do with the question so he asked it again and she finally yelled, “This isn’t about free speech; it’s about RESPONSIBLE speech.”
There ya go! Liberals can change any argument, vocabulary, and rational discourse to totally obliterate any semblance of reason. The only thing that matters is their opinion which usually rots.

Tell me again why it is that Christians are branded the unreasonable ones; the rabid ones; the hateful ones? Do not expect reason any longer in the market place of ideas. You will just set yourself up for disappointment.


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