February 04, 2005

Liberals and their compassion...

On Monday I spoke of the liberal mind and its preoccupation with self in spite of appearance that often gives credit to liberals as being the compassionate ones, the tolerant ones, the brave ones. Once again, I will debunk that myth for what it is.

Judy Woodruff and Wolf Blitzer, are hacks for the not so fair and balanced CNN. Woodruff had visited Walter Reed Army Medical Center on the day of the Iraqi elections. Now pardon my prognostications if I am wrong, but based on history and example, Woodruff went on such a momentous day hoping—indeed--expecting to find angry, venomous, soldiers bitter about their pain and suffering and the wounds they carried in their bodies due to this President’s war for oil, war for revenge, war for a legacy; you know all the garbage we have been listening to from such networks from day one.

Seeing the cost of war, up close and personal would be great backdrop for what would surely be another blistering attack on the President’s foreign policy. Look at the wasted and suffering lives of America’s young men and all because of this President’s ego.

Ah, but sometimes, actually often times, no almost all the time, reality sneaks behind the liberal and bites them in the hind end. Woodruff had to shout ouch, as the pit bull of virtue sank its teeth deep into her liberal thigh.

She interviewed soldier after soldier and she didn’t find one angry young warrior. What she found were men who wanted to get back to the battlefield; men who were concerned about the friends back in Iraq, and yes, men were concerned about the Iraqi people who were so appreciative of their presence.

How could this be? This isn’t your back yard; these aren’t your problems; look what it’s cost you. The liberal, dumfounded at such valorous and self-sacrificing examples of genuine love and real compassion walks away blinded and unchanged knowing they have missed something, but no idea what.

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free,” Jesus said. Lord how do we reach them with that truth?

For whom are you praying; is there one person you are pursuing in the love of Christ, not the love of man. One person at a time and then remember, there are plenty of conservatives who just as lost; somehow they managed to take hold of many of God’s truths even if not realizing from whom they have come.


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