February 16, 2005

Cut Spending NOW! Just Don't Cut Mine!

Liberals in Congress continue to lose credibility; no let me rephrase that. The liberals in Congress are doing nothing to regain any credibility they may have had once. If there is anything to the law of averages, even if George Bush was ten times dummer and more despicable than the liberals portray him, he would have done one or two things right in the past four years. Even I can acknowledge that Bill Clinton had a few things going for him.

But today’s liberal are so pathetically weak and insecure that giving anything but condemnation causes their hearts to fibrillate and their eyes to roll up into their heads.

If you go back as far as you can remember, one of the constant refrains of liberals, conservatives, and moderates, is the need to cut spending. If you go back only as far as the past four years, the size of the deficit is a paramount concern to the liberals and it should be.

But not at all surprising, as soon as the President actually makes some cuts, the liberals start screaming epithets. One liberal governor likened Bush’s budget pairings to terrorism and then of course there is Nancy Pelosi. I think if she ever admitted that this President, against all odds, could even stumble onto something right, her face would crack off revealing some kind of alien lizard beneath.

The President has done what everyone in my lifetime has cried for. Cut government waste. And how do you determine that? You actually evaluate programs that suck up millions of dollars and see if they deliver. And one program called “Even Start” designed to help children be able to read was evaluated three times and flunked all the three times.

So why spend $250 million on a program that doesn’t work? It makes perfect sense unless you are a liberal whose heart beats by a pacemaker of criticism. Pelosi decried the defunding saying Bush discriminates against children and the public needs to know.

What the public needs to know is that this president is trying to do what no one else in my lifetime has dared to even try; to actually cut government waste. But predictably what people really want, is someone else’s program cut, not mine; no matter how wasteful it is.

After honest evaluation, would it kill a liberal to concede a point? Apparently so.
Apparently so…And they wonder why they lose elections.


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