February 16, 2005

A New and Improved HIV

This is yet another time when I hate being right! For years as a columnist I wrote about the truth of HIV using the best-known research and statistics from the most respected sources. The truth was: HIV is a highly communicable disease and needs to be treated in the same manner as all other communicable diseases. That is common and logical medical sense--but that has never been the case concerning HIV. Where there is mandatory reporting of all other communicable infections, and information given to at- risk personnel—namely, patient care personnel who work with infected people--when it comes to HIV, it’s in a class by itself. And the reason is simple. It’s because the cash-laden homosexual lobby wants it that way.

And so under the guise of non-discrimination, anyone with HIV is specially protected from anyone knowing about it even at the risk of infecting completely innocent individuals like doctors and nurses.

Well, low and behold, now the government is talking about routine screening for HIV of everyone. Why is that telling? Because the sales pitch all along was that there was no need to panic about HIV.

· It was a frail virus, short lived in the environment, hard to transmit. That turned out to be false.

· That the only real route of transmission was through illicit sex, particularly homosexual sex and IV drug use. That turned out to be false.

· That condoms provided an effective barrier to infection. That turned out to be false.

So now there is a cry for routine screening of everyone. Which means what? Which means that everything I predicted, or at least cautioned against ten years ago about HIV is coming to pass.

Now how did I know? It is no secret and it wasn’t then. The research showed the truth of all of this but ardent pro-homosexual groups put enough pressure on the government and the legal profession to intimidate the masses into sacrificing common and routine medical sense for the sake of protecting the reputations and privacy of those who willingly jeopardize their own lives by engaging in high risk behaviors.

Many years ago I had a local high school utterly reject the latest information from the authoritative CDC because the information would have condemned their new aids program.

And now here we are. This is a scandal. How else do you interpret the cry now for mass testing of everyone if everything ever said about HIV and it’s transmission was right?

Still no one sees it but me. Sigh……….


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