February 16, 2005

Zero Tolerance For Zero Tolerance

When one abandons the standard of truth, truth will be determined by the changing standards of whoever is in control over whatever group of people. The intentions may be great, but the outcome, sooner or later, will be absurd. Great examples of such lunacy are the zero tolerance policies now in effect at many of our nation’s schools. Unless you keep your ear to the track of culture, you have no idea how insane this has become.

Let me give you a few examples.
According to Education World--
In Thornton, Colorado, a fifth-grade girl was arrested for sexual harassment after repeatedly asking a classmate if he liked her.
In Jonesboro, Arkansas, a first-grader was suspended for pointing a breaded chicken finger at a teacher and saying "Pow."
In Deer Lakes, Pennsylvania, a kindergarten student was suspended for bringing a toy ax to school. He was dressed as a firefighter for Halloween.
A Longmont (Colorado) fifth-grader found that her mother had packed a plastic knife in her lunch box. She turned the knife in to her teacher. The child was told that she'd done the right thing -- then was expelled.
And just last week a 6 year old Missouri student packed a plastic baggie full of dirt and rocks and gave it to a friend on the play ground as a present. The child was suspended for two days and told that such an act was serious and that if she had been older she would have been arrested; Why? Because the bag of dirt and rocks looked like a bag of marijuana…
Enough is enough. I’m a firm believer in “zero tolerance” rules at our nation’s schools, not for the innocent acts of childhood but for school administrators and teachers who’s IQ’s and common sense hover somewhere around that of Elmer’s glue.
I have to say it; the brilliant instigators of these zero tolerance inanities are liberal educators who are so bound to written policies that without them, they are functionally incapable of the most basic decisions of life. It is the foolishness of rebellion, a consequence of rejecting the wisdom of God. So long as God is ignored, a godless culture is inevitable and the consequences predictable. Open our eyes Lord, we want to see Jesus.


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