February 04, 2005

Kennedy's Treasonous ramblings

The further along we get down this road of fighting for real peace, the workings of the liberal mind just gets clearer and clearer and what we see is deplorable. Ted Kennedy’s scathing remarks just a couple days before the elections in Iraq were nothing short of scandalous, hideous and, as far as I’m concerned, traitorous.

Kennedy was brutally critical of the President’s plan for Iraq. That is nothing unusual. What was way over the top though was his calling for an immediate pull out of our troops from this terrorized, oppressed land. Why is this treason? Well picture two heavy weight boxers fighting for the title. One is bruised, swollen and staggering; the other is merely scratched, bouncy and energized. If the match is known to continue until only one boxer is left standing, the beaten boxer will give it up and accept defeat. He knows he doesn’t have a chance.

But if the worn boxer is informed that there are only 30 seconds left and the match will be over with a draw, the beaten fighter will muster all his reserves and will just to make that final stand knowing that if he succeeds, he will recuperate to fight another day.

What Kennedy did was to inform the terrorists that at least one powerful, high-ranking American politician wants the match over in 30 seconds. This can only serve to bolster the will of the insurgents bringing further harm and death to American men and women. Kennedy ought to be censured if not prosecuted. Instead he’ll be reelected.

Why does Kennedy want our troops home so badly? Is it because he is so concerned about their welfare? That would at least be somewhat honorable but I’m skeptical of his motives. After all, he seems more concerned about the faceless soldiers fighting far away in an obscure land than he was for a personal friend sitting beside him in the front seat of his car. He wants a pull out from Iraq in less time than it took him to obtain help for his drowning passenger.

Kennedy’s comments are about nothing more than power; personal power and he doesn’t care what toll it takes on anyone else. The mind of the liberal assesses life, ethics, and morality on what he sees in his back yard. If it’s good for my back yard, or at least won’t intrude on my backyard, then, whatever it is, is good.
Only it’s not; it’s bad. There’s more to come…


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