January 06, 2005

Desmond Tutu Goes Bye-bye--Let's Hope so!

Bishop Desmond Tutu, 1984 Nobel Laureate told Newsweek he wants to “move out of the public eye for a more contemplative lifestyle.” That’s good news for all of us. Tutu is just another liberal pseudo-Christian theologian who has created God in his image and likeness.

When asked about the role of religion in the last American presidential election he told Newsweek, “I keep having to remind people that religion in and of itself is morally neutral. Religion is like a knife. When you use a knife for cutting up bread to prepare sandwiches, a knife is good. If you use the same knife to stick into somebody’s guts, a knife is bad. Religion in and of itself is not good or bad—it is what it makes you do…”

Well Bishop, you’re wrong as you normally are whenever you attempt to expound on a Christian faith which is not informed by the Bible. For Tutu, religion is morally neutral meaning all faith systems are equal; equally good or equally bad depending on what any particular adherent of any particular religion does with his faith.

That may play well in the market place of relativism, but it is pernicious foolishness when judged against the holy Word of God. Jesus was quite clear when he stated that there were two roads in life; one leads to eternal damnation and one leads to eternal life. The road to hell is broad and many chose that road for the narrow road as Jesus called it, is viewed to be too narrow, too exclusive, too restrictive.

Tutu wants us to believe his Jesus would be just as thrilled with a worshipper of Allah, Vishnu, or Krishna so long as their faith compelled them to do good things. But the Bible again is clear saying that “all the nice things we do are like filthy rags to the living God” for even at their best they are still far short of perfection.

So Tutu’s stepping out of the limelight to a more contemplative lifestyle is one less heretic confusing the minds of searching souls. I hope in his contemplations, he finds the Jesus of the Bible and rejects his self-generated idolatrous statue of a make believe savior; a savior who looks more like Bishop Tutu than God Almighty. It’s an all too common error with eternal consequences.


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