December 30, 2004

CNN Presents Mocumentary on the Two Mary's

The perpetual assault against a biblical faith continues right down the line with another stellar presentation on the two Mary's in Jesus' life. Over the holidays, CNN presented what was supposed to be a documentary of sorts with the usual gathering of “scholars” and “theologians” each who present their own opinions on Mary the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdelene. Predictable as usual, it was presented with a pretense of scholarly objectivity and rigorous investigation. One scholar after another gave their sentiments on various aspects of the subject matter which, I suppose to the uninitiated, appeared, well--scholarly.

But it was the biggest pile of speculation and wild conjecture surpassed only by another pile of theoretical speculation called evolution. The reason I use that allusion is that evolution begins with a minute particle of truth and constructs from that particle, a model that is preposterous, but fits a predetermined idea. At the end they always fit the facts to the model—just the opposite of how science is supposed to work.

In CNN’s presentation I noted every person who appeared on the documentary. Here’s the inventory. There were eight scholars/theologians who appeared this is the breakdown of their academic/spiritual credentials: Harvard, Fordham, Vanderbuilt, Vatican, Chapman U., Asbury, Princeton and Gregorian University.

These types of programs usually play the game of at least having one token Bible believing Christian as part of the mix but there was not a single evangelical in the bunch.

That is not mere coincidence but is intentionally diluting out truth so as to deceive the populace who might be truly searching.

So I wonder how many people watched this, were wowed by the degrees behind people’s names and walked away thinking, “See, I knew it was all a crock. It’s little more than a bunch of people trying to find answers to life’s harder questions so they created something that worked for them. I’ll just have to keep searching.” And so they walk away thinking they have understood the Christian faith and rightly reject what they found.

G.K. Chesterton said it well years ago. “It’s not that Christianity has been tried and found wanting; it is that Christianity has been largely untried. What people have rejected is not Christianity but a caricature.”


Blogger Adam Austin said...

For a person who believes in such a "big" God you sure seem to worry a bit about what people like CNN put on the air. Don't you think that God is bigger than cable news television and can overcome whatever adverse effects it may have on a person?

7:50 AM  
Blogger Pastor Bill said...

Adam you seem to be wound a bit tightly...if you discount the opportunity to expose false teaching which is what I was doing with the CNN program, then you must also discount Jesus' confronting the Pharisees, Paul's confronting the Judiazers, and the host of others in Scripture who exposed the scholars and authorities as counterfeiters of truth. Peace!

3:33 PM  
Blogger Sean G said...

Pastor Bill,
Thank you for posting this. I saw the ad for The Two Marys programs on CNN a short while ago and was considering watching it until a little research and your posting helped me see that it's little more than a rehashing of The Da Vinci Code, which I'm sad to say I wasted money on.

My biggest worry with programs like this is the damage they can do to baby Christians or those under attack by the enemy.

Thanks again for helping me to not waste my time tonight watching this CNN garbage.

7:40 PM  
Anonymous Matt said...

Pator Bill,

As a Catholic, I'm struggling to understand why you say that a priest from the Vatican is not a Bible believing Christian. Can I not be "bible believing" and be a Christian?

On your main point, you are correct to criticize this show. It is a farce and is scandalous.

Pax Vobiscum...Matt

12:36 AM  
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