December 17, 2004

Tis the Season to Litigate

Certainly it’s no surprise to anyone listening that Tis the season to litigate. This is when the anti-Christian zealots come out of the woodwork finding violations of the mythical concept of separation of church and state. From the singing of age old Christmas carols to the increasingly bizarre and strained interpretations of religious versus secular symbols, the ACLU and other such irreligious organizations get their shorts in a not at the appearance of a Christmas tree.

Alan Colmes on Fox News a few nights ago was disagreeing with Sean Hannity over his disapproval of such lawsuits. Colmes in a typically under whelming rebuttal chided Hannity saying, “No one can take God away from you…” As usual, Mr. Colmes misses every point.

You see there is such a thing as historical and intellectual honesty and objectivity. Which means, that when a schoolteacher merely represents the truth of our nation’s religious heritage, they ought to be able to do so without interference. But has we have seen routinely and recently, there is a growing movement underway to wipe out every mention of religion even when it is irrefutably part and parcel of the historical records.

Another angle used by anti-Christian bigots calls for respect of others of differing faith. Some have tried to justify expunging every public mention of religion—the Christian religion in particular—out of deference for people of other faiths. Colmes tried this tact mentioning that we have many people of the Islamic faith in this country who might be offended by our Christianity. But let’s get real here. If I went to Saudi Arabia, knowing it is an Islamic nation, I would fully expect Islam to be front and center and that my Christianity would not be publicly acceptable. So, if someone is offended over our Christian roots, then they need to either accept that or transfer themselves to a place where they won’t be offended.
Well, there will be plenty more foolishness between now and Christmas so while it is still legal, I am broadcasting that I am planning a wonderful Christmas and wish you the same.


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