November 18, 2004

Marine Who Killed "wounded" Insurgent Acted Wisely!

You have certainly heard, if not seen by now, the story out of Fallujah about the Marines searching for insurgents, finding two men in a building who were laying on the floor like they were dead. The marines yell at them repeatedly and they continue to feign death except even on camera it is obvious one man is breathing. The marines yell and finally a shot is fired and the Marine says, “He’s dead now.”

Of course there’s outrage by the chronically outraged who get outraged about anything that goes on in Iraq as long as it’s an opportunity to trash Americans. What is truly outrageous though is the lack of outrage by the chronically outraged liberals of this country at the murder of 59 year old relief worker Margaret Hassan. Her crime was giving aid and comfort to the Iraqi people and these insurgents who have no concern for the rule of law, rules of warfare or anything else, have executed her and won’t even return her body.

So let’s give some perspective here. An insurgent, who moments before had been trying to kill Americans, was shot and killed by a Marine who had been wounded by insurgents.

Please note, a cute little trick these suicidal murderers have been playing on our troops has been to play dead only to have our troops approach them only to get blown up or shot and killed by the pretender. What the Marine did was not only acceptable; it was mandated given the nature of this war. But in this day of embedded reporters and news reports with full audio and video broadcast worldwide seconds after the event, this Marine who was over there fighting for your and my protection may very well be ruined.

There needs to be America-wide outrage to have all the embedded reporters thrown out of Iraq and allow the military to do its job. War is war. It is not an athletic event with referees and this enemy is not bound by any rule of conduct other their own, demonic hatred. The sooner they are eliminated, the better off the whole world will be.

For those bind, deaf and dumb liberals who just can’t accept the nature of war, as an alternative to the blood shed they so loathe, let’s make ambassadors of them all and send them over there to have their little chat with these blood thirsty monsters. If they win the peace, great, and if they don’t, at least one problem will have been solved. Just be sure to send them with their own body bag.


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