December 17, 2004

Professor Wants to Shoot Christians

Another brilliant professor at one of the nation’s universities was demonstrating his tolerance and softer, kinder side as he lamented the loss of John Kerry in his presidential bid. Prof. John McTighe told his class, "It was the religious zealots who say they are voting on morals. I think we should all buy AK47’s and shoot them all! That’s what I would suggest, if it were allowed."
Now one of the looming problems with his statement is that as a typical left-wing American professor, McTighe is vehemently opposed to gun ownership. Maybe it’s fortunate for us that AK 47’s are on the list of banned assault weapons. But I digress…
Your curiosity may cause you to wonder which stellar university has this genius on staff. You might logically surmise UC Berkley, or Harvard or New York University but the truth is, he is on staff at the University of Louisville in the Bible belt of Kentucky. Which only goes to underscore, if only anecdotally, that the radical left wing agenda is no longer private property of only a handful of establishments of higher education these days. And it promises to get worse.
But McTighe is really not to blame as he is suffering from the latest of social ills actually labeled Post Election Selection Trauma or PEST for short. It first manifested in the rabid supporters of John Kerry after they woke up November 3rd to the reality that the man who couldn’t lose the election lost the election.
Oh no! How could they possibly cope another four years with a man who says what he means; does what he says, supports life of the innocent, believes it is better to fight an unavoidable battle on foreign soil than our own, and understands that tax dollars are better spent when in the pockets of the ones who earned them.
Christian—you better wake up and see what our land of the free is becoming. All those on the other side of the chasm who revile The Name and loathe His ways, are not going away--and they hate us. The question is, are you ready to love them?Even so, Come Lord Jesus.


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