November 11, 2004

LTTE from Ginny Cripe-Williams: Evangelicals Rock

> Contrary to post-election reporting lately that "Evangelicals" gave Bush a > second term, it seems rather, that in an effort to explain why such a good, > strong candidate could have possible lost to such a bad, unpopular > candidate, the media is finally paying a proportionate amount of attention > to a group that has always been influential and has always clamored for a > representational piece of the spotlight.> > It is not that those sneaky evangelicals mobilized suddenly, it's that the > media can no longer marginalize and ignore a group that has long been more > representative of the nation than anyone in the media would like to admit. > Furthermore, the constant belittling by the sage media of everyone in this > group as uneducated on every possible front really could only serve as > fodder to get out the vote, become even more vocal and turn such unfounded > reasoning on its head.> > In the wake of Bush's victory, Evangelicals have not so much set an agenda > (Greg Hitt, Evangelicals set their agenda, Nov.11) as maintained the agenda > that they have been fighting for throughout multiple administrations. > Perhaps the liberal media was finally scared into realizing that a group > other than minority far-flung liberals actually has some clout, and a voice > that no longer can be ignored.> > > G. Williams> Jacksonville, FL>


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