October 20, 2004

Why Honor Reeves?

I heard Margot Kidder on the news talking about the passing of Christopher Reeves; Kidder starred with Reeves in the superman movies and made a statement that the best way to honor Reeves was to support stem cell research.

Call me picky but why should we “honor” Reeves? Please don’t misunderstand me, I sympathize with his plight. But don’t we “honor” someone who has made a unique and lasting contribution for the betterment of society or for some heroic action or measure taken over the course of their life. Reeves was just a Hollywood actor who made millions portraying a comic book superhero. Nothing worth honoring in that. Then he had the misfortune of falling off a horse and wound up a quadriplegic. It was then that he became very interested in any research that might help him to regain his abilities. Who wouldn’t? Nothing worth “honoring” there. I sympathize but if there is any talk of honoring someone, it would be his wife who stuck by his side and loved him til death do they part. That doesn’t happen very much these days especially in Hollywood.

And I suspect Kidder’s comment about supporting stem cell research was meant as a jab at the President whose policies re: stem cell research are intentionally misstated. President Bush has always supported stem cell research, he just does not want to use your and my taxes to pay for embryonic stem cell research with which, by the way, there has not been found a single cure for anything…

On this same day I heard John Edwards state that if John Kerry is elected, people like Reeves will be jumping out of their wheel chairs and walking—I kid you not—because, even though stem cells are available through several other legitimate sources, Kerry intends to throw millions at the research that kills human to harvest these special cells. Sounds more like Dr. Mengele than a candidate for the president of the United States.

Solomon wrote,
Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people. (Proverbs 14:34)

The choice is ours come Nov. 2nd. Sin or righteousness; now that’s a tough choice.


Blogger Serona said...

Awesome post. Reeves' wife is the true hero here. Her loyalty and love for her husband are and were honor-able and notable especially in the marriage climate in Hollywood these days.

Although she is stumping for Kerry (a poor political choice in my opinion) that does not detract from her committment to her late husband or the example that provides.

2:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah bill i see that you have not changed

8:22 PM  

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