November 04, 2004

Open letter to Senator Arlen Specter

Dear Senator,

Before the celebrations over the continuation of a leader with moral vision have even subsided, I heard that you have already "warned" the president not to appoint Supreme Court nominees who might seek to undo a woman's so-called, right to choose.

Senator, with all due respect, it strikes me that this is the same litmus test, albeit in reverse, that liberal democrats always decry whenever it's time for the president to exercise his constitutional right to appoint judges. It is strange how a litmus test is fine for some but not others.

The fact is, any Judges nominated will either be pro-life or pro-choice. How can you force the president to your particular judgment of particular values? I am certain this president will appoint judges who will respect the rule of law and who will adjudicate on the basis of the laws as written rather than creating laws according to their whim as some current judges are fond of doing.

With all respect for your many years of service Senator, there was good reason why Tom Daschle was "fired." "We the people" are weary of judges ruling by fiat rather than by American legal precedent. (I qualify "precedent" due to Sandra Day O’Connor’s recent statements to Georgetown Law School regarding looking to international law for legal precedent to be used in American law review. That is absolutely chilling.)

For all the talk of uniting the country, you have certainly started off on a dubious note. I hope you'll reconsider your obstructionist overtures.


William Cripe


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