November 03, 2004

The Future of America

Well it is finally over; at least for another couple years when it starts up again. Like Christmas advertising, electioneering seems to get earlier and earlier each year. Never-the-less, no more stump speeches; no more debates, and no more twisting and mangling of truth with impunity. Perhaps the brightest spot of this whole time has been the lack of materialization of all the horror stories swirling about voter fraud and intimidation. Still, there is a foreboding tempest on the horizon. We are clearly living in a post-Christian era; when commonly held values and social mores were, well, “common.” That is not the case today which is why we have commercials that can be proven to be fallacious if not salacious and no one is called to account. Today anyone can truly say anything and there are no repercussions. Civility is a thing of the past.

Post-modernism—whose foundational tenet is that there is no such thing as transcendent truth, only moment by moment practicality with an occasional consideration for the common good, rules the day. This is why lying, cheating, and stealing have become so rampant. If your cause is a good cause in your estimation, then anything you have to do to bring that cause to fruition is fair game. The only real offense is if you get caught, and then you just play the “Your persecuting me” card or the latest buzz word of this past election—“You’re disenfranchising me. How dare you!” It is not going to get better.

So for the Christian, we cannot slumber for the days are short. In a mere three years—give or take—we will go through this all again with no incumbent making it even dicier, and perhaps more desperate, all the way around. We have seen the future in this election; cruelty, lying, wickedness, duplicity and deception. We need to pray more than ever and we need to exemplify the mind of Christ daily. Otherwise, we too will succumb for such are our hearts.


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