December 30, 2004

CNN Presents Mocumentary on the Two Mary's

The perpetual assault against a biblical faith continues right down the line with another stellar presentation on the two Mary's in Jesus' life. Over the holidays, CNN presented what was supposed to be a documentary of sorts with the usual gathering of “scholars” and “theologians” each who present their own opinions on Mary the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdelene. Predictable as usual, it was presented with a pretense of scholarly objectivity and rigorous investigation. One scholar after another gave their sentiments on various aspects of the subject matter which, I suppose to the uninitiated, appeared, well--scholarly.

But it was the biggest pile of speculation and wild conjecture surpassed only by another pile of theoretical speculation called evolution. The reason I use that allusion is that evolution begins with a minute particle of truth and constructs from that particle, a model that is preposterous, but fits a predetermined idea. At the end they always fit the facts to the model—just the opposite of how science is supposed to work.

In CNN’s presentation I noted every person who appeared on the documentary. Here’s the inventory. There were eight scholars/theologians who appeared this is the breakdown of their academic/spiritual credentials: Harvard, Fordham, Vanderbuilt, Vatican, Chapman U., Asbury, Princeton and Gregorian University.

These types of programs usually play the game of at least having one token Bible believing Christian as part of the mix but there was not a single evangelical in the bunch.

That is not mere coincidence but is intentionally diluting out truth so as to deceive the populace who might be truly searching.

So I wonder how many people watched this, were wowed by the degrees behind people’s names and walked away thinking, “See, I knew it was all a crock. It’s little more than a bunch of people trying to find answers to life’s harder questions so they created something that worked for them. I’ll just have to keep searching.” And so they walk away thinking they have understood the Christian faith and rightly reject what they found.

G.K. Chesterton said it well years ago. “It’s not that Christianity has been tried and found wanting; it is that Christianity has been largely untried. What people have rejected is not Christianity but a caricature.”

Natural Forces Are Miniscule Compared to the Power of God

I watch the news these days and of course the Tsunami’s devastation is beyond empathy. I don’t mean I’m not empathetic, I just mean, grief of that magnitude and loss of that scale is way beyond my ability to empathize. God have mercy!

As I continue hearing about the force of nature involved in this catastrophe, as a Christian of course, I realize that such natural forces are only a mere fraction of the force of the One behind the forces. When Job was recounting just who God is, He was startled by what he understood. He writes, "It is God who removes the mountains, they know not how, When He overturns them in His anger;Who shakes the earth out of its place, And its pillars tremble; Job 9:5-6

Scientists are now telling us that the rotation of this planet was affected. Let that one sink in for a second. Remember the significance of the precise angle the Earth sits with respect to the angle of the sun and all the implications that has for seasons, climate, sunlight, darkness and such things. And while I do not know if there will be an appreciable affect on those things, that fact that the planet was affected at all should be sobering, and frankly should put a healthy fear into us all.

While we don’t know the specifics of how the “END” will happen, we know that there is going to be some kind of planetary upheaval. And for the skeptics and unbelieving, this natural occurrence which in the grand scheme of things is a VERY small thing, the devastation and fragility of life ought to give us all pause.

For the earthquake that started it all, is nothing compared to the God of Heaven who spoke this planet into being. Certainly we need to pray for relief for the victims and act in practical ways. But if the world does not see something huge beyond the emergency, and I don’t expect it will, the day of Lord the Bible speaks of, will be GREAT and TERRIBLE to be sure and we have seen how easily it can happen.
Are you involved in a Bible believing church? If not, why not? The day of excuses is almost up. Beware.

December 24, 2004

Same Sex Unions Begin to Reap Harvest

And now the fiasco of civil unions begins. From the Washington Blade, “A Vermont judge ruled on Nov. 17 that both partners in same-sex civil unions performed in that state become automatic legal parents of a child, regardless of which partner gives birth to or adopts the child.”
The two women, Lisa Miller-Jenkins, 35, and Janet Miller-Jenkins, 39, separated in September 2003 two years after Lisa Miller-Jenkins gave birth to the couple’s daughter through artificial insemination. Visitation was granted and there was an amicable agreement between the two women but that suddenly ended when the mother of the child declared she was no longer a lesbian filing papers for so custody.
Ah, what a tangled web we weave when we ignore God’s rules for life. The legal and logical reasoning in this case is too discombobulating to capture here but the fact is both women entered into a legally binding same sex union under Vermont law. While I am certainly sympathetic to the birth mother’s desire for sole custody, she has no legal grounds to do so given the voluntary way she consented to become wife and wife. Now she wants to say, “Just kidding?”
The axiom about be careful what you wish for because you may get is certainly true in this case. And I what I really hope is that it serves notice on legislators and judges who have to make future rulings about trampling on the sanctity of marriage as one man and one woman, and then I hope it really wakes up the proponents of same sex unions to see that you may get more than you bargained for.
At the end of the day, it just doesn’t work. God knew that and God tried to warns us but, as with so many things, we have thumbed our noses at God telling him we know what’s best. Well remember the words, God will not be mocked for that which you sow, so shall you reap. Looks like the harvest has begun.

December 17, 2004

Professor Wants to Shoot Christians

Another brilliant professor at one of the nation’s universities was demonstrating his tolerance and softer, kinder side as he lamented the loss of John Kerry in his presidential bid. Prof. John McTighe told his class, "It was the religious zealots who say they are voting on morals. I think we should all buy AK47’s and shoot them all! That’s what I would suggest, if it were allowed."
Now one of the looming problems with his statement is that as a typical left-wing American professor, McTighe is vehemently opposed to gun ownership. Maybe it’s fortunate for us that AK 47’s are on the list of banned assault weapons. But I digress…
Your curiosity may cause you to wonder which stellar university has this genius on staff. You might logically surmise UC Berkley, or Harvard or New York University but the truth is, he is on staff at the University of Louisville in the Bible belt of Kentucky. Which only goes to underscore, if only anecdotally, that the radical left wing agenda is no longer private property of only a handful of establishments of higher education these days. And it promises to get worse.
But McTighe is really not to blame as he is suffering from the latest of social ills actually labeled Post Election Selection Trauma or PEST for short. It first manifested in the rabid supporters of John Kerry after they woke up November 3rd to the reality that the man who couldn’t lose the election lost the election.
Oh no! How could they possibly cope another four years with a man who says what he means; does what he says, supports life of the innocent, believes it is better to fight an unavoidable battle on foreign soil than our own, and understands that tax dollars are better spent when in the pockets of the ones who earned them.
Christian—you better wake up and see what our land of the free is becoming. All those on the other side of the chasm who revile The Name and loathe His ways, are not going away--and they hate us. The question is, are you ready to love them?Even so, Come Lord Jesus.

Tis the Season to Litigate

Certainly it’s no surprise to anyone listening that Tis the season to litigate. This is when the anti-Christian zealots come out of the woodwork finding violations of the mythical concept of separation of church and state. From the singing of age old Christmas carols to the increasingly bizarre and strained interpretations of religious versus secular symbols, the ACLU and other such irreligious organizations get their shorts in a not at the appearance of a Christmas tree.

Alan Colmes on Fox News a few nights ago was disagreeing with Sean Hannity over his disapproval of such lawsuits. Colmes in a typically under whelming rebuttal chided Hannity saying, “No one can take God away from you…” As usual, Mr. Colmes misses every point.

You see there is such a thing as historical and intellectual honesty and objectivity. Which means, that when a schoolteacher merely represents the truth of our nation’s religious heritage, they ought to be able to do so without interference. But has we have seen routinely and recently, there is a growing movement underway to wipe out every mention of religion even when it is irrefutably part and parcel of the historical records.

Another angle used by anti-Christian bigots calls for respect of others of differing faith. Some have tried to justify expunging every public mention of religion—the Christian religion in particular—out of deference for people of other faiths. Colmes tried this tact mentioning that we have many people of the Islamic faith in this country who might be offended by our Christianity. But let’s get real here. If I went to Saudi Arabia, knowing it is an Islamic nation, I would fully expect Islam to be front and center and that my Christianity would not be publicly acceptable. So, if someone is offended over our Christian roots, then they need to either accept that or transfer themselves to a place where they won’t be offended.
Well, there will be plenty more foolishness between now and Christmas so while it is still legal, I am broadcasting that I am planning a wonderful Christmas and wish you the same.

Newsweek's Meacham Straightens Out Christian View of Virgin Birth

The cover story of Newsweek is The Birth of Jesus. It is subtitled, “Faith and history; How the story of Christmas came to be.” Some people get excited when they see something of a biblical nature featured in a mainstream publication. I get annoyed.

Without even cracking the article I can predict what the take will be on any truthful account of whatever the subject matter happens to be. I can tell you that they will cite anywhere from four to six experts of a pointedly liberal persuasion whom they will identify as scholars and theologians. They will then be presented as if they characterize mainstream thought and belief. Then they will quote their token individual whom any Bible believing Christian might recognize as being a real Christian, but their role in the article is minute and often subtly mocked. This story is all of that.

While Jon Meacham, the author, notes that 80% of the American public believes in the virgin birth, in the next line states, “others, perhaps fewer in number are equally passionate about their critical understanding of the faith.”

“Perhaps” fewer in number? Wait a minute. If eight out of ten people believe in the biblical account of the birth of Christ, that doesn’t leave much room mathematically for there to be any question about whether the “others” who disbelieve are fewer in number. Do the math.

So in truth, the view that Meacham offers which takes up nearly the entire article is by far the minority view of the American public. So why is it presented as if it were the “reasonable” view? You know the answer to that.

The rest of the lengthy article is spent, not evaluating with any semblance of balance the historical record, but only bowing before liberal “scholars” all of whom exude an anti-supernatural bias that necessitates they discount the scriptural account. The purpose of the article then is to show that anyone who believes what the Bible says must be an imbecile or a fool.
The arrogant spokesmen for the spirit of the age are blind, I know. Still I suppose that we lowly people of faith should be grateful that such mental giants as the majority of the press seem to think of themselves, give us any consideration at all. Fat chance. One day they will know; for their sakes I hope it is sooner rather than later!