April 30, 2008

National Day Of Silence? We Could Only Hope

Do you know what April 25th is? It is the annual observance which has become called "The Day of Silence." My comments today may seem terribly insensitive, certainly politically incorrect, and of course hateful. What they are is accurate from a Biblical frame of reference be they ever so unpopular. So be it.

From the NDS website--

"The National Day of Silence brings attention to anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in schools. Hundreds of thousands of students will come together on April 25 to encourage schools and classmates to address the problem of anti-LGBT behavior."

First things first--let's be clear on the initials; our culture has grown too comfortable with euphemisms which by design make that which is unpleasant more palatable. LGBT stands for Lesbian--that means girls who have rejected their God given sexuality and attraction for boys. Gay--boys who have rejected their god given sexuality and attraction for girls. Bi-sexual--boys and girls who have conveniently chosen the best of both worlds, and transgendered--boys who believe they are girls and perhaps have had surgery to become such and the same for girls converting to boys.

It is so offensive to God and to sensible people that it is hard to express.

Now, "the hundreds of thousands of students" who will come together… is because schools all over this once great and moral nation have succumbed to the phallic god of sexual gratification and are busy indoctrinating future generations into the godless, heinous and self-destructive perversion of sex worship.

That this is taking place in schools all over the country and funded by we, the tax payers is an atrocity. That students of moral purity and virtue are persecuted and tolerated is obscene.

Parents--talk to your children and see if there will be anything going at their school for this annual day of Satanic celebration. But don't be surprised if they shrug you off. You see, they have been told for years that YOU are the problem; that people of religious values are hateful and hurtful and that if we would just embrace all of this, the world would pretty much be at peace.

And if your child happens to be interested, on April 28th there is another observance called The Day of Truth. But prepare them for the scorn of their educators and friends. And then ask yourself why they are still in the educational system of the Philistines.

Tax Funded Islamic Education

Imagine this scenario:

Christian parents in central Maine decide they are tired of the secular education and indoctrination their children face each day they go off to "school." Their solution is to start a charter school--a Christian charter school--where each class day is begun with the Lord's Prayer; where grace is said before meals and where fish is served on Fridays in deference to old school Catholics.

Among course offerings are a history of the Christian church; with special teachings on the Lord's Supper, foot washing, and where baptisms would be offered on a quarterly basis. Children would be required to take Greek and Hebrew classes. Now imagine this school being funded by taxpayers. In your craziest, most absurd ponderings can you imagine this getting off the ground much less operating at tax payer expense without vehement protest?

Well, in St. Paul, Minnesota this is exactly what is happening only the school is not Christian--it is Muslim.

The TIZA--which stands for the Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy--is a full blown Muslim indoctrination center. After a reporter was refused visitation a substitute teacher reported her experience at the school.

Among her duties was to take the children to the restroom so they could perform their ritual washing before being taken to the gymnasium where they were met by a man in white, with a white hat. Next to him was another adult on the floor on his prayer mat. “The prayer I saw was not voluntary,” the substitute teacher said. “The kids were corralled by adults and required to go to the assembly where prayer occurred.”

Where assignments were on the board, along with math and sociology, was an assignment relating to the study of the Qu'ran with the required readings listed.

Have you heard anything out of the ACLU? How about Barry Lynn's stellar organization, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State?

Yes, Jesus foretold of such things so we should not be surprised, and yes, we are Christians first and Americans second. But since we are Americans, and there isn't anything unbiblical about pressing for the same rights all other Americans receive--even Paul did the same with the Roman authorities--then we must be allowed to snit and fume exercising our constitutional rights with the expectation of there being some semblance of just application (just for all including Christians) of constitutional rights and privileges whether one is a Christian or not.

James Earl Carter Needs An Ankle Bracelet

"There he goes again! Former President Jimmy Carter, acting out his stubborn, self-righteous moralism and his stunning vanity, persists in legitimizing terrorism. How else can the Middle East see Carter's meeting in Syria with no less than the terrorist mastermind Khaled Mashaal, the leader of Hamas?"

No those aren't the words of a fundamentalist Christian but of Mortimer Zuckerman, editor of U.S. News and World Report.

And no one can blame the wide spread condemnation of Carter's actions on partisan politics as there has been strong bi-partisan rebuke of the aged former President. If Carter's lapse of judgment was due to an encroaching senility we could forgive him and rein him in. Unfortunately, it seems that he is merely stupefyingly destructive.

Zuckerman notes: "This is what Carter said on Nov. 28, 2006, on PBS: 'Since August of 2004 [Hamas] has not committed a single act of terrorism that cost an Israeli life, not a single one.'" Zuckerman then states, "That is flatly untrue." citing all kinds of attacks and murderous endeavors for which Hamas proudly claimed responsibility.

The last time Carter took up the cause of Hamas, Hamas was killing Fatah party members throwing them of Gaza rooftops.

What is wrong with this man? Why does our State Department allow him to travel abroad to such places. Don't we have laws against private citizens meddling in national affairs?

If Carter is trying to be some kind of Christ-like peace maker he is failing miserably and serving the purposes of Satanic spirits. It would seem to me that our government has the right--and in fact, the responsibility to restrict the travel of private citizens who intend to undermine national security.

Carter is fueling the fires of terrorism both against the United States and Israel and he needs to be contained. More women and children will assuredly be murdered at the hands of Hamas and James Earl Carter will have their blood on his hands. I am not sure if he is an aged, former politician trying to establish some kind of legacy but another legacy of stupidity and treason is not what we need.

April 23, 2008

Homosexuality Puts Public At Risk--AGAIN

How pernicious and selfish is the impact of the homosexuality juggernaut on the public welfare? As a former blood bank technologist I write with a special passion and outrage. That the perverse conduct of an overwhelming minority should be protected at the risk of the majority of the public defies rational understanding. Never-the-less, as far back as 30 years ago, all sensible and safe medical practices concerning communicable diseases was stood on its ear lest homosexuals be offended. Suddenly, HIV was placed in a hallowed category with special protections of privacy that endangered those of us who had to collect specimens from infected individuals without our knowing they were infected. Things have only worsened in the ensuing 30 years.

At San Jose State University, the president of that institution just suspended all blood drives at the university because the FDA has a lifetime blood exclusion policy prohibiting homosexual men from giving blood. This prohibition is medically sound and similar prohibitions exist for other high risk categories of people.

Never let reason or the common good interfere with lifestyles of the godless and perverted. The president of San Jose State said it violated the school's non-discrimination policy citing the school's code which says, "…discrimination of any kind, including … sexual orientation is an affront to the entire university community and is strictly prohibited."

The policy as stated is ludicrous. I am willing to wager that if a man walks on campus at San Jose State carrying a rifle, that certain assumptions will be made--for the good of the campus--and he will be discriminated against very quickly. People who claim discrimination is always wrong are not thinking clearly.

If my pilot appears intoxicated, I hope someone will discriminate against him and not allow him into the cockpit. Surgeons who have tested positive for beta hemolytic Strep. or Staph. Aureus have been barred from performing surgery; the risk to the patient is just too great. That is not discrimination; that is common sense, but when it comes to homosexuality, common sense, logic, and safety are banned from consideration.

Through 2005 there have been 20,500 deaths due to transfusion transmission of HIV; 20,500 men, women and children sent to an early grave because of the life depriving pleasures of homosexual men. No wonder there is a curse on our land and it only continues to worsen. Without Jesus--we must expect an escalation of such consequences and since the rain falls on the just and unjust alike, the innocent will continue to pay the price of guilty.

April 05, 2008

The Sewers of Society

High School censorship of information is alive and well; don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Frankly I am ALL for the selective dissemination of information to young people in particular, but in our day of cultural depravity, the censorship tends to always run in the wrong direction.

Here's what I mean.

Forest Lake High School in Minnesota scheduled a program with a group called Vets For Freedom as part of a social studies class giving the students a chance to ask questions of veterans of the Middle East war. Quoting from the source, "There were to be no political endorsements, no political statements, no political agendas…"

12 hours prior to the event taking place, the principal of the school informs Vets for Freedom that the program would not be allowed to take place citing "'several phone calls'" from an unspecified number of '"concerned parents'" warning there would be protests if the program came off.

Now let me move you to another northern state--our frigid state of Maine--where a high school--as I write has taken some of its students to New York to see two plays that are rife with homosexual perversion and simulated sex in the glorious professionalism of Broadway.

God forbid that teenagers should be able to listen to some of our country's heroes who have risked life and limb for their freedom but by all means, let's indoctrinate them into the perversion and filth of a culture descending ever lower into a sewer of smut.

And then we wring our hands when these young adults hang themselves, die of diseases contracted from their sexual recreation, or go on rampages murdering everyone in the sights of their assault rifles. Is it really such a mystery?

I have to be honest and tell you I am sick of writing about this stuff. If there is any "righteous response" at all from those "who know better" it is over as quickly as the 15 second sound bite that broadcast it in the first place. Ho-hum, on to the next cultural catastrophe over which we can get worked up and feel good about the fact that we got worked up about it maybe yelling at the TV and then we are comfortably absolved of responsibility to do anything further.

Our biblical mandate to be light in a dark world is appeased in the momentary purging of emotion with the result of zero impact on that world of darkness.

There--I feel better--now onto something else…