August 10, 2012

The Season of Scurrilous Horse Pucky Has Begun

It's been underway for some time really but now the campaign adds commence with the attendant and incessant accusations of both party's concerning the lies of each opponent's commercials. How is your "get-a-grip" factor? Two adds have caught my attention currently; the first is run by Obama campaign essentially accusing Romney of killing Joe Soptic's wife. Joe lost his job at the closing of a company that was under the control of Bain Capital. The commercial contracts the time of the events and makes it sound like because Joe lost his job and his health insurance, his wife couldn't get treated for cancer and died. Since Romney was the CEO of Bain Capital in some strange view of proximate and ultimate cause, Romney killed Joe's wife. So what is TRUE? The creator of the commercial told us all we need to know. When challenged on the fabrications within the ad which he did not dispute, he replied, it was irrelevant. It didn't matter I believe were his exact words. "When the people see this they will know [Romney] is not the kind of person they want for president." What is the TRUTH? There was a 6 year time period between the closing of the plant where Joe, was not ruthlessly kicked to the streets and robbed of his benefits which included health care, Joe was given a "buy out" with which he could have under the laws of TEFRA purchased health insurance just like my son was able to do when he found himself unemployed last year. AGAIN--Truth doesn't matter; when the people see this ad they will know Mitt Romney is not the kind of man they would like for President... (Caveat--that is not an exact quote as I heard this while driving; I assure you it is an accurate portrayal of what he said and what he meant.) Now-- consider an ad by the Romney campaign about Obama and welfare reform: The ad talks about welfare reform and the strides that had been made with Democrat support and design which stipulate some element of having to work for one's welfare benefits. Obama only weeks ago gutted the Welfare Reform Act and categorically removed any requirement re: work. All of this is readily verifiable. The Obama campaign responded with calling it a new LOW in campaign advertising etc. and of course accuses the Romney campaign of lying. But this is what Obama did; I remember the day he did it! So--there you have it. I am not a Romney fan; but I would vote for anyone--ANYONE--running against this president. I believe him not to be incompetent but pointedly intent on destroying the culture of America to a view of a world he envisions; a world that is wretched and cruel. Do not let this serpent of a man have another 4 years. Mark my words.


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