April 30, 2008

James Earl Carter Needs An Ankle Bracelet

"There he goes again! Former President Jimmy Carter, acting out his stubborn, self-righteous moralism and his stunning vanity, persists in legitimizing terrorism. How else can the Middle East see Carter's meeting in Syria with no less than the terrorist mastermind Khaled Mashaal, the leader of Hamas?"

No those aren't the words of a fundamentalist Christian but of Mortimer Zuckerman, editor of U.S. News and World Report.

And no one can blame the wide spread condemnation of Carter's actions on partisan politics as there has been strong bi-partisan rebuke of the aged former President. If Carter's lapse of judgment was due to an encroaching senility we could forgive him and rein him in. Unfortunately, it seems that he is merely stupefyingly destructive.

Zuckerman notes: "This is what Carter said on Nov. 28, 2006, on PBS: 'Since August of 2004 [Hamas] has not committed a single act of terrorism that cost an Israeli life, not a single one.'" Zuckerman then states, "That is flatly untrue." citing all kinds of attacks and murderous endeavors for which Hamas proudly claimed responsibility.

The last time Carter took up the cause of Hamas, Hamas was killing Fatah party members throwing them of Gaza rooftops.

What is wrong with this man? Why does our State Department allow him to travel abroad to such places. Don't we have laws against private citizens meddling in national affairs?

If Carter is trying to be some kind of Christ-like peace maker he is failing miserably and serving the purposes of Satanic spirits. It would seem to me that our government has the right--and in fact, the responsibility to restrict the travel of private citizens who intend to undermine national security.

Carter is fueling the fires of terrorism both against the United States and Israel and he needs to be contained. More women and children will assuredly be murdered at the hands of Hamas and James Earl Carter will have their blood on his hands. I am not sure if he is an aged, former politician trying to establish some kind of legacy but another legacy of stupidity and treason is not what we need.


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