April 30, 2008

Tax Funded Islamic Education

Imagine this scenario:

Christian parents in central Maine decide they are tired of the secular education and indoctrination their children face each day they go off to "school." Their solution is to start a charter school--a Christian charter school--where each class day is begun with the Lord's Prayer; where grace is said before meals and where fish is served on Fridays in deference to old school Catholics.

Among course offerings are a history of the Christian church; with special teachings on the Lord's Supper, foot washing, and where baptisms would be offered on a quarterly basis. Children would be required to take Greek and Hebrew classes. Now imagine this school being funded by taxpayers. In your craziest, most absurd ponderings can you imagine this getting off the ground much less operating at tax payer expense without vehement protest?

Well, in St. Paul, Minnesota this is exactly what is happening only the school is not Christian--it is Muslim.

The TIZA--which stands for the Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy--is a full blown Muslim indoctrination center. After a reporter was refused visitation a substitute teacher reported her experience at the school.

Among her duties was to take the children to the restroom so they could perform their ritual washing before being taken to the gymnasium where they were met by a man in white, with a white hat. Next to him was another adult on the floor on his prayer mat. “The prayer I saw was not voluntary,” the substitute teacher said. “The kids were corralled by adults and required to go to the assembly where prayer occurred.”

Where assignments were on the board, along with math and sociology, was an assignment relating to the study of the Qu'ran with the required readings listed.

Have you heard anything out of the ACLU? How about Barry Lynn's stellar organization, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State?

Yes, Jesus foretold of such things so we should not be surprised, and yes, we are Christians first and Americans second. But since we are Americans, and there isn't anything unbiblical about pressing for the same rights all other Americans receive--even Paul did the same with the Roman authorities--then we must be allowed to snit and fume exercising our constitutional rights with the expectation of there being some semblance of just application (just for all including Christians) of constitutional rights and privileges whether one is a Christian or not.


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