March 26, 2008

Obama's Pastor Is More Than A Loose Cannon

You have I assume heard some of the many pieces of Barak Obama's pastor, aired incessantly it seems, over the television and radio waves of the nation. That much is being made of this is legitimate and as much as Obama tries to distance himself from his pastor's inflammatory, hateful and genuinely racist rhetoric, his explanations are thin.

This is not a case of a pastor making an isolated statement in the heat of a moment; we are all human; we all say things that we regret later once having time to think about them or having collected our sensibilities. How well I know…

But Pastor Wright has not simply made a gaff here and there or a rash statement in a moment of passion.

I have listened to several, rather lengthy, aspects of his sermons and have heard him defending his positions on Fox News. The problem boils down to this.

Obama's church is dedicated to liberation theology rather than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While religionists make them one and the same, the fact is, they are two distinct theologies--one being a human reaction (usually an angry human reaction) to social injustice; the other being the inspired words of God incarnate.

One sees the ultimate in human deliverance as equality in all things in this life here and now. The Gospel sees the ultimate in human deliverance as liberation from personal sin and its attendant consequences. One sees heaven as life on earth without unfairness, unkindness and hatred. The Gospel sees heaven as existence with God after life on this Earth. One sees the work of the Kingdom as working against injustice toward a just paradise on Earth; the Gospel sees the work of the Kingdom as telling others of the hope of Christ with a view to another life where absolute justice will be the norm.

I understand the Rev. Wright's anger at a certain level and even sympathize with it to a certain extent; but his priorities, reactions, and solutions are anything but Christ-like and anything but Biblical. Obama needs to do a lot more than just shrug them off with a casual--I don't agree with everything he says. He needs to reject them as being bigoted, racist and above all, unbiblical.


Blogger notcon4med said...

I wish your description of the true gospel had said less about the benefits of the gospel, and more about Jesus Christ and what He actually did. You did manage to name Him at the end, but only as an object of a preposition. He needs to be the subject of every statement about the gospel.

10:21 PM  

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