March 26, 2008

Belief In Sin Is A Concept, Not An Actuality

We know that "we the people" of these United States are hypocrites declaring to believe in any number of concepts, ideas, even theologies and yet our actions betray what we really believe.

It's no surprise then that Ellison Research tells us 87% of the populace believes in the concept of sin. (Sin was defined as “something that is almost always considered wrong, particularly from a religious or moral perspective.”)

The study asked 1000 Americans to decide whether 30 behaviors were sinful. Now before I go on with some of the results of this research I want you to first picture, ever so quickly in your mind's eye, about the vast majority of movies, shows, music, entertainment and reading materials we spend our time and money on in the course of any given day.

Okay the research shows that the "big" sins--meaning those activities or behaviors which are viewed by a strong majority as being sinful include the following: Adultery was most often described as sinful behavior, followed by racism, and drug use. Abortion, homosexual activity; pornography; gossip; swearing; and sex before marriage followed with strong support being considered sinful.

Okay, if this is true then wouldn't you expect to see a somewhat prevalent application of these beliefs to every day life? But that isn't anywhere close to reality. Remember, this research was not merely for churched individuals but for the unchurched as well.

So why do we see the Governor of New York resign in disgrace due to sexual immorality having been involved with hired sex for several years only to have his successor admit only days into his new position that he and his wife had both been sexually involved with others?

I'm not just picking on these isolated events but the whole fiber of our society which is swamped in sexual dysfunction, sexually caused disease, pornography is a mutli-billion dollar industry, swearing is as commonplace among professional women as it is blue collar beasts. We all know about the millions dead from abortion, and you can't go a day without some assault by another homosexual attempt to desensitize your sensibilities. Drug abuse, even with prescription drugs, is a way of life and premarital sex is a recreational adolescent right.

It seems obvious that calling something sin, and living as if it truly were are vastly different realities in the hearts and minds Americans--both churched and unchurched. But the consequences are not mitigated by what we say; only by what we do!


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