August 15, 2007

Darwin Trounced Again

A couple weeks back the Associated Press announced another blow to Darwinian evolution. We've all seen the cartoonish looking drawings of the so-called evolution of man with the knuckle dragging ape-like creature progressing to a more and more upright

creature looking more and more like modern man. Again, Darwinists are scrambling to hang onto their precious gorilla-to-man scenario.

Meave Leakey, member of the famous Leakey family of paleontologists, reveals that her recent research on African fossils found in 2000 clearly show that Homo Erectus and Homo Habilis, two of the ape like evolutionary links supposedly living in different epochs, lived concurrently. The report stated that it "makes it unlikely that H. Erectus evolved from H. Habilis." Actually, it doesn't make it unlikely, it makes it impossible. In the evolutionary ladder, you can't have a supposedly more advanced creature living at the same time as the creature from which it evolved.

While this is all being touted as an amazing discovery, it is what creationists or intelligent design advocates have been saying for ages and what the late Yale, Paleo-anthropologist, Stephen J. Gould wrote years ago.

"There is no firm evidence of any progressive change within any hominid species." Gould noted. He stated that the evidence clearly showed Australopithecines, Homo Erectus, and Homo Habilis all living at the same time.

This was not an easy admission for Gould as he was an ardent atheist and a staunch evolutionist. Gould concluded however, "I suggest the fault is not with evolution but with a false picture of its operation that most of us hold..." ("Ever Since Darwin" pg. 58ff.)

The evidence didn't push him into the arms of God; rather, he postulated another evolutionary theory called Punctuated Equilibrium, a theory which is at least faithful to the scientific data.

I always respected Gould's scientific commitment to the truth. He had the integrity to admit when evidence contradicted theory and in good scientific fashion, modified the theory to fit the facts rather than modifying the facts to fit the theory. If the vast majority of today's evolutionists would only do that much, we would be much closer to the truth and they would be much closer to seeing the God behind that truth.


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