July 27, 2007

Public Education Still Rots

It amazes me still that the level of naiveté among Christians concerning the depravity of public education as a system is still quite high--but more and more are "getting it!"

In a recent Zogby poll of nearly 10,000 Americans, six out of ten believe that professor bias in the nation's colleges is a serious or very serious problem. And by bias I mean a bias toward a very liberal or leftist interpretation of the world. Nine out of ten with a conservative world view said there is a serious problem while only 3 percent of those with a liberal view see any problem. Those figures tell it all.

Many years ago in the mid seventies, I was the victim of viewpoint discrimination in a second year, college English literature class. The instructor insisted I change my view on a term paper I had written (the subject matter had been approved ahead of time by the instructor) and refused to grade it unless I did. I took the situation all the way to the Dean’s office who supported the instructor. I refused to cave and told the instructor to give me an "F" if she could with a clear conscience but I was NOT going to rewrite the paper changing my view. The teacher buckled. But that was three decades ago and we have slid far deeper into the abyss of hard-hearted waywardness since then. That same scenario today would more likely end up in the courts.

Well, for good or for bad, legislation is being introduced in more than a dozen states to try and protect students from such indoctrination. Conservative, David Horowitz, has suggested a "Students Bill of Rights" on campuses to protect conservative students from academic reprisals by professors who hold contradictory beliefs. I doubt it will solve the problem but perhaps it will mitigate such occurrences for a while.

Decades ago, the teacher's colleges of the country made no apologies in stating that their mission was to raise up generations of future leaders; leaders who would have a particular view point; that view point being expressly anti-god, anti-virtue, anti-anything wholesome, right and good.
Faithful to their word they have been carrying out their plan with impunity.

The Apostle John wrote, "Children, it is the last hour; and just as you heard that anti-Christ is coming, even now many anti-Christs have arisen; from this we know that it is the last hour."
(1 John 2:18)

Indeed, how aware are you?


Blogger Tenniel said...

Yes the bias is apparent! When I was in graduate school I was told I too could not write the paper I wanted because I was too biased as a Christian. However nearly every other group made you an "expert" so if you were a homosexual writing on gay issues you were suddenly an expert. If you were Native American or a woman writing on your group you were an expert but I as a Christian was simply too biased.

I too followed the channels and continued with my paper even though it was my graduate level thesis and I knew they disagreed - they conceded after I said to the department chair that they could only claim to be a "tolerant" department if they added a clause which said "unless you are a Conservative Christian" - that got their attention.

While they accepted my paper, I achieved the highest award in the department for my work and I think I made enough stink for them I am pretty sure little changed after I left, except for maybe a sigh of relief that a squeaky wheel was gone.

My first month in this same program my husband was at Stand in the Gap in Washington and I was told by one of my professors what horrible people these were standing there (which included my own husband another student in the program) because they just existed to put him back in the closet and all us women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. When I reported it within the department my complaint was ignored. Throughout my years in the program jokes and comments were made about Christians that if said about any other group of people would have been classified as hate speech.

Universities are not the only place this is becoming apparent. The trickle down effect of who is teaching our students in the lower grades and where and what they learned is becoming more and more apparent. Thinly veiled under words like "tolerance", "acceptance" and whatever other politically correct phraseology is accepted by the day is a straight hard line liberal agenda being spoon fed to our children as law from the youngest of grades (K) straight through college by those they see as reliable authorities.

Well not to all our children - you do have other options besides public school these days :)

Thanks for always speaking the truth in love even when it is not well received.

1:50 AM  
Blogger PB said...

Back a few years a black person who could read and write was considered "uppity." Today a Christian who can think and articulate their thoughts is "uppity." The only thing worse than a fundamentalist Christian is an uppity Christian! :)

12:41 PM  

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