July 21, 2007

A Real Life Byrd Brain...

When the Devil gets into the mind of man, you can expect twisted logic, or no logic and perverse rationale that makes little sense except to others who are likewise twisted.

When West Virginia's senior Senator Robert Byrd commenced speaking about dog fighting this past week, several thoughts ran through my mind.

First- I wondered if Byrd had suffered a stroke. His patterns of speech were so slow in getting out of his hypocritical mouth I truly thought the only merciful thing to do for this man is to remove him from office. He is a public embarrassment and a disgrace to the leadership of the United States.

This "former" Klansman was in a strained and ridiculously repetitious tirade about the barbarism of dog fighting and even vying for the death sentence in the case of such crimes.

Now I'll grant you, that dog fighting is cruel and ought to be a crime at some level. Oh surprise; actually it is a federal offense, but Byrd's absurd tirade against Michael Vick--multi-million dollar quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, seems to be the vitriol of a racist lapsing into his Klan motif from year's past.

Now what I deem as deplorable is the utter lack of integrity on this Senator's part seeing that he cannot get angry enough about the cruel treatment of some dogs and yet seems to have little indigestion about the cruel treatment of little babies. Byrd is of course--pro-abortion--of human babies that is; dogs are another story.

Senator Byrd in true godless fashion can work himself into a frenzy over the rights of dogs but cannot convey at least the same consideration to human beings.

So the babbling Byrd's soliloquy on the Senate floor is exemplary of the hypocrisy and misplaced indignation of his ilk who have been so far removed from sensible discourse that, his cronies simply stand in awe of his longevity of service.

Well, I too stand in awe; I am awed that sane people continue to vote creatures like this into office term after term.

It disturbs me that men like this Byrd brain prosper while good men seem to get the shaft. But like Asaph of old, who wrote Psalm 73 about this pattern of life: "When I pondered to understand this, it was troublesome in my sight…until I came into the sanctuary of God; then I perceived their end."

Ah yes, the Day of Justice; it is coming.


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