August 08, 2007

Tiller the Killer Finally Stopped--For Now...

Finally some long overdue good news about the nation's most brazen murderer, George Tiller. Tiller has been the decades-long, undisputed, heavy weight champion of the "I never met an abortion I didn't like" crowd. By his own count, he has killed over 60,000 babies. (Side note--Where is the outrage from groups like PETA who would be enraged if he had been killing little puppies or kitty cats?) Not only have there been no protests by such groups (there never areā€¦) but Tiller has been given numerous awards the most ironic is the National Abortion Federation's highest honor, the Christopher Tietze Humanitarian Award. Tiller is to humanitarian causes what Hitler was to Jewish causes.

Tiller has neither conscience nor soul having performed abortions of every stripe at every stage of gestation of the human baby although his specialty is late term, post-viability abortions. In other words, Tiller murders babies who could easily live if they had been delivered rather than killed. And his crimes do not stop there. He has left babies that didn't succumb to his potassium chloride poisoning of them, to die on their own after birth. There's much more but you get the message. This guy is Satan's right hand man.

Recently, there was outrage when it was revealed that Tiller's clinic had been falsifying medical records, performing abortions on children, and even performing abortions on rape and incest victims yet in defiance of the law, did not report such sexual assault crimes. When the new Kansas State's Attorney, who is pro-abortion, wouldn't prosecute, people of moral conscience were outraged.

Now at last, tiller's clinic has been temporarily shut down as he faces indictments on 19 charges. This is a big step especially since Kansas' Attorney General had said that he would not prosecute Tiller. The fact that he is, seems to show that the evidence is so overwhelming, and many are optimistic that justice is finally going to be served.

Let us pray so for this man is evil pure and simple. Tiller the Killer will answer for his crimes against humanity hopefully sooner rather than later.


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